Friday, November 27, 2009

Say What?! - Thanksgiving Recap

TGIF everybody! I'm typing this from my desk ... AT WORK I would say not working at work is my lame attempt to sticking it to the man for having to be here today in the first place BUT I kinda do this everyday so just kidding.

  • I am extremely proud to say that I beat last years record by 1.5 plates having annihilated 5 plates and 2 dessert plates with only 1 short break in between plate 4 and 5 to take shots with the cousins. I love being Filipino because it means we get "American" and Filipino dishes at parties! Here's what plate 2 consisted of: salad, brocolli and cheese pilaf, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, roast beef, turkey w/ gravy, stuffing, white rice, and ampalaya w/ shrimp and ground beef. The rest of the feast consisted of escabeche (sweet and sour fish, tastes so much better than it sounds), lumpia (of course), adobo, lechon, mechada, leche flan, bibingka pie, puto w/ CHEESE (ness u hear that?), some other fish dish that I have no idea what the name is, deviled eggs, and yams.
  • 1 shot of Henn, 1 shot of Johnny Walker Black label (DISGUSTING!), 1 cup of Henn and Coke, and 1 cup of Henn and Sparkling Cidar (my new fave way to drink Henn) later, I swear I owned the magic mic! Gail if ur reading this, u better have that shit on deck if u want me to sing at u and Gayson's wedding!
  • I have never used Twitter and Facebook so much in my life until yesterday.
  • This Saturday the Moscone Center is holding San Francisco's 52nd annual International Auto Show. I've went to 3 so far, this year will be my 4th and I can't wait! Sometimes I wish I had a father to go to all these things to. Maybe then I'd actually know wtf I'm looking at lol. This year I'm looking forward to seeing the Academy of Arts classic car collection. Rawr MUSCLE at it's flyest. If ur attending come support my Hellz fam and check out the MAV fashion show.

  • Then, afterwards its off to the Warriors x Lakers game. I know our team is falling apart, but I'll still be there belligerent as hell talkin shit 'till the buzzer sounds!
  • After work today I'm supposed to go with the folks to watch the tree lighting ceremony at Union Square. I got 5 on it I leave looking like a hot mess of eyeliner streaks.
  • Lastly, like I mentioned in my previous post, once Thanksgiving's done it's pretty much a downward spiral for me. Christmas and New Years are a total bummer. If I could, I'd lock myself in my room until both days were over. This year will be an especially hard one. But just know that despite my rants of holiday depression I do appreciate LIFE and all those in mine who make it even just a little bit worth living. I read ur comments yesterday and was once again reminded of how blessed I am.

    Just last week my uncle got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is starting chemo Monday, so there was definitely a somber undertone amidst all the karaoke going on. Thanksgiving was definitely bitersweet. But luckily, the newest addition to our clan, Isaiah, made his debut leaving a smile on my uncle's face - which left a smile on everyone else's. I know Thanksgiving is over, but it's not too late and never inconvenient to be thankful for the people u love. I'm definitely thankful for these 2 little rugrats right here: My 11-month cousin Logan (aka Wolverine. trip his older brother's name is Xavier aka Professor X. I told their dad if they have a girl they gotta name her Aurora (aka Storm). And my 1 month old 'lil boo boo Isaiah in his formal button up and fall ensemble. Doesn't he look like he fell asleep on the phone? LOL.

What did YOU do for Thanksgiving?

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