Monday, November 30, 2009

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Seen this on one of my favorite stylists' blogs and had to repost. I love the idea of shoe jewelry. I kinda love damn near everything on this site: Litter SF. I also love that this line is based in my hometown. However, i DON'T love that $245 price tag. Might as well by a new pair of shoes LOL. Do I hear a DIY project? Betsey? I love u. LOL.


betsey j said...

first off, I love that I have to click the "I understand this is adult content" button when I come to your blog.

second, uhm once I'm in LA, I demand once a month we have a DIY/craft meetup weekend. We'll reconstruct and re-invent our wardrobes.

thirdly, damn girl can you teach me your go-go dancing moves? YOU HAB. (hot ass bitch)

Anonymous said...

Yeahh i LOVELOVE litterSF and maybe thats why i never did a post on them...yet.ha but i have tried makin my own bodyjewelry shit tho cus their price tag is quite high even if i kno its handmade hehe

and i agree wit betsey j on theh dance moves hehe

ashley sade said...

if yall do have that DIY once a month projects, let me get innnn. u know i love doin' anything art$y :]