Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bag Lady Pt. 2

OK this is possibly the crappiest picture I've ever taken in my life but that's what happens when u gotta use ur laptop to take a pic on the floor 'cuz u can't find ur camera and ur camera phone needs to be in the picture. This was originally supposed to be a vlog but I suck at vlogging if u don't remember from my first attempt. I was inspired to do this once again by Heart Magazine, but not much has changed since I did a bag lady post on my MySpace (courtesy of Brown Babies) a year or so ago except for maybe my purse itself and that's only 'cuz I used it for work yesterday. They say a womens bag is a window into their inner workings. Which I guess is true, considering mine is an absolute MESS.
  • Purse - Metal trim shoulder bag from F21 $25.80. Perfect for times when u need to get down to business and need to use both hands like airport checkpoints and Black Friday madness.
  • Vintage flat top flora accent sunglasses from $16.80 - my favorite pair at the moment!
  • Guess? Wallet - Which I've had for years now so I don't remember how much it cost, and am too lazy to replace it. Filled with more receipts than money FOR SURE and FOR SHAME.
  • International Auto Show tickets - 1 for Christian, 1 for Mike, 1 for Cat, and 1 for decoration lol.
  • Fafi makeup bag - Totally unnecessary but too cute to NOT get. Inside I have Carmex, MAC lipstick in Mauvellous, and the best lip gloss ever made by C&O Bigelow.
  • Johnson & Johnsons baby lotion - 'Cuz we keeps it classy not ashy.
  • Hello Kitty compact - Which I use to make sure I ain't got shit in between my teef,or runny eyeliner.
  • My G1 phone - I've gone through 4 in 1 year, making this one Sir Lloyd Banks IV. Yes, I name my electronics.
  • Keys - To my moms, my car, my moms car, my house, and my ex's house. I should probably give those back.
  • Name badge - With my picture that I covered with stolen floss 'cuz I look like an idiot wearing a hat in my work picture.
  • Crazy Pill case - From Rach when she visited Kitson in L.A. Inside u'll find the entire drugstore: birth control, Nyquil, Sudafed, Vitamins, Benedryl, and Tylenol.
  • Hello Kitty tissue - 'Cuz if ur gonna do sumth'n gross like blow snot outta ur nose u might as well attempt to look cute while doing it.
  • Lastly, in true "Hi I'm Abi and I'm a fat-ass" tradition, a bottle of Furikake straight from Hawaii. I carried a bottle last year from Gail but then ran out. So when I got another bottle I made sure to keep it handy 'cuz u just never know when u'll need to sprinkle some on ur food. Furikake makes everything tastes better!
So there u go ladies and gents. Now it's ur turn! Tell me what's inside ur bag. Men, if u have a man purse do the same, I won't judge u ... ok maybe a little bit, but I promise I won't tell anyone. Make sure to leave it as a comment with a picture attached. I love getting to know my readers!


Visions through my retina said...

hehehe i did a post on my blog of shit in my bag too..but i deleted cuz i realized other people had cuter shit then!! you girls are so it..wtforkers forever!!

Mouf.Peace said...

lol ur silly i highly doubt that! the only thing cute about my bag ... is my bag lol. if i had used my other bag u would've seen a shitload of mail and receipts in addition to all this other junk. yah i cheated :( anyway hope to meet u the next time i'm out in l.a. with the fam! rach says ur gorgeous!

Visions through my retina said...

awww you sooo all are jealzzzz...

tina said...