Sunday, October 18, 2009

Make Fuck, Not War

Before I begin. Mother if ur reading this. Because I know u do read my blog. Don't lie. But seriously if ur reading this - STOP.

If u can read this that means u haven't stopped. I'll give u one more chance - STOP NOW.

No I'm serious. Because in ur eyes I'm still a baby, and around u I still think I'm 7, sometimes 6. So for real this time - STOP.

I'll give u till 3.



Still reading?

2 1/2


Don't say I didn't warn u.

OK, shall I proceed? (Yes indeed!)

I took a small survey the other day and asked 6 of my girl friends, "Would u rather make love - or get the brains fucked outta ya?"

The response was a resounding, unanimous vote for the latter. And while the ladies may lie in an open round table, and this may shock some men out there - I for one am not surprised one bit. Maybe I'm just insensitive. Maybe I'm just a hornball. Or maybe yall just ain't never been FUCKED. 'Cuz I will take hot, sweaty, spine tingling, mind blowing, headboard breaking, gotta shove ur mouth into the pillow so ur neighbors don't call the cops on ur loud ass, back scratching, lip biting, hurts so good, got u walkin funny the next day sex over "making love" ANY DAY. Save the rose petals, the poetry, the candles, and the bubble baths for another girl. 'Cuz THIS one just wants to get dicked down already.

If u don't feel me on this ur probably thinking 1 of the following 2 things: The first being, "What a ho." Congratulations! Only ignorant, close minded people quick to judge would automatically assume this and ur the winner! Puh-lease, I can count on one hand how many people I've slept with. Just 'cuz I like to fuck - don't mean I'll fuck anybody and everybody. To each their own but this pussy is selective. Thank you, DON'T come again (No pun intended).

The second being, "Maybe u just haven't been made love to." Don't get it twisted though, I love romance. If u've been following my blog then u should know by now that I'm a lover of love. Kissing in the rain. Post-is on the tv screen and secret notes hidden in the car visor. Those funny faces he'll make for u and only u that he would get clowned for days about if his boys ever found out. The way u go from Miss Independent to straight mush when ur in his arms. Staring at the person and gazing so deep into their eyes u swear u can see into their soul. Sitting in the same room doing separate things, not paying attention to the other, but still feeling absolutely 110% connected. What u know about that? I know ALL about that.

I had those moments of intimacy where I've kissed my boyfriend whom I was so in love with so slow, and hard, and passionate that we both started crying. (*sigh*) But when it comes to that good-good, no matter how good the fore-play is I just wanna get down to biniss already. It may start out all cute and shit, kisses and foreplay, but ultimately, it almost always ends up the same way: fucking! Ur probably still shaking ur head at me. Maybe I'm just impatient (Although I think surviving gridlock during rush hour traffic with a stick shift shows amazing patience). Or maybe it just depends on the individuals definition of making love, fucking, etc.

Either way I've made up my mind: Toss the Kenny G. and pop in that Jodeci or R. Kelly.

Sorry folks, Fucking >>> making love. At least in my book.

Now - getting fucked by the person ur in love with? Oh, there's no other way to have sex :)


Unknown said...

Oh no you di'nt!



*Now all the ladies come in and throw in a "That's right!" ©Ciara*

DJ CMC said...

heres what i think.
ur slowly approaching 30 and they say that is the sexual peek if not the jumpin off point. hence my interest in older women.
as a not really surpized to hear that. well...fuckin is fuckin...and its FUCKIN FUN! its more enjoyable and i u have a mind like mines can be romantical in a twisted dr. Suesus kinda way. so i say throw in that H-town Knockin the boots! N LETS GET IT ON!

Mouf.Peace said...

7 - oh yes i did lol

cmc - i would agree EXCEPT i've always felt this way even in my early 20s lol

gailey said...

i know of all people... getting an answer from me will gross you out!! BUT... i chose getting getting fucked like there's no tomorrow! period. hahahahahaaaaa..... i know you're probably gagging right now. haha

Anonymous said...

lmfao. real talk. that shit made my day.

Michelle said...

i have to applaud you and pat you on the back for that post! i know a majority of my friends would take the fuckin instead too. sure as hell i would! a girl needs to be pleased! thank you. great post!

DJ CMC said...

well then abi, ur just a tiny ball of horniness...on otherwords...a guy!

Anonymous said...

sheesh what an article..i just choked on my own saliva