Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton- The Sweest Love

Ask anyone of my friends and they will tell u that I am a celebrity gossip junkie. Guilty as charged! I know it's fucking horrible but I cannot get through a day without my daily dose of Trent and YBF . I totally should've majored in broadcast journalism instead of magazine writing so that I could be reporting live from the E red carpet by now, 'cuz it ain't like I'm breaking news as it happens already.

Anyway, I was perusing through my favorites online and came across an interview with the lovely Paula Patton where she was asked how her and husband, undercover brotha, Robin Thicke keep the magic alive. To which she replied, "Lots of lingerie and heels and hotel rooms!" Get em girl. These two are absolutely adorable together. She's simply stunning and while I keep seeing Dr. Seaver whenever I look at him nowadays his voice is sexy enough to make me forget about it. I'm sure "Lost Without You," and "Sweetest Love," are their anthems.

"The reason for wedding songs are you and me ..."


NiC-KIA said...

she fucknn beautiful!
hes a very lucky man!
i was hella surprised when i heard they were together...

Anonymous said...

They met when he was 14 and she was 15. Now, that is a love story.

Mouf.Peace said...

anonymous - holy shit really? that's over 15 years together and they haven't gotten sick of each other yet lol. jk. but now that i think about it i wanna say i heard they went to h.s. together or am i making that up? either way yes indeed - A LOVE STORY :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, you're my inspiration to write! I just want to let you know that (:

I'm on Tumblr & I saw your I used to be piece from this one girl & I was tryin to see if she had your name on it, but nooo. Just want to let you know 'cause it pissed me off. Lol.


Ahhh, these kids need to get checked!
anyways dear, have a great day (:

Se7en said...

That chick straight GANKED you Abi!


(I am trying to make light of the situation because as a writer, you know that your best work is yet to come. Even though that piece was amazingly dope and on point - I have personally anointed some of your other words as "the best" you have ever written - that is, until you come with something else to top that other "best.")

I wonder if she is really only 15 though because (and I am not trying to be hurtful here... honestly) if you really used to be "that girl..." at 15?!?!


But if she were only 15, I would also give her a pass. Charge it to the game.

Bottom line is this... you are probably going to end up as one of the "Written by Anonymous" or "Author Unknown" writers for a bit (notice I did not say "bloggers").

You know, those 'realer than real' blogs that get passed around MySpace that every female posts [and subsequently reposts like a chain] and you see it on 90% of [female] MySpace blogs?

(i.e. The infamous "If a man wants you nothing can keep him away..." blog)

Yeah, that will be you.

Sometimes you help change lives through your words...

But have to forgo the credit while doing so.

*Put your hands up like a scale and repeat the following*

Changing lives vs getting the credit
Changing lives vs getting the credit

I would take helping change lives over the credit.

Even though you should be able to relish in both (keeping it 100), the world just is not built that way any longer.

Keep your head up (as I know you will).