Monday, October 26, 2009

Ga Ga for Ga-Ga

Now that I no longer go-go I can finally celebrate Halloween like "normal" girls and appreciate it for what it is: A reason for chicks to dress up slutty and not get shit for it. So this year, I along with everybody and they mama am going to be Lady Ga-Ga. I want to take a picture with every single other Ga-Ga I see 'cuz I'm sure there will be plenty but I don't care! I'm a firm believer in doing something or buying something regardless of how many other people have already done it or have it - AS LONG AS U GENUINELY LOVE IT. Who fucking cares? If u've been loving a pair of shoes but automatically toss it just 'cuz the next person has it UR LAME. LAME LAME LAME. Anyway, I was also considering Jem but I stuck with Ga-Ga 'cuz it's what I wanted to be originally, I love her, and because I already own most of this shit lol. All I need to do now is make my "disco stick" and bling out my sunglasses. Hoping that making my Halloween accessories won't be more fun than Halloween night itself :o/ What's everybody else going to be?!

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Se7en said...

Jem [Gem!] is truly outrageous... truly, truly, truly outrageous!

I have not dressed for Halloween since I was 8 (that was also the last time that I went trick-or-treating).

I just decided [on my own] that it was no longer fun after that.

Couple o' things:

1. I now LOVE over the knee suede boots with heel. Like... almost as much as heels.
2. Please post a pic of yours once they arrive!