Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hopeless Romantic

OK are u ready for this, 'cuz I've gotten emo on here a few times now, but never extra tender so this is a rarity u might want to write down in ur calendar.

The above picture was taken by my homegirl Kat on Bart today. They're absolutely adorable and by far the oldest pair of cupcakers I've ever seen. But there's more. Kat told me their glasses clinked on each other when the Mrs. kissed the Mr. good-bye and said "i love you." Then, she waited for the train to leave the platform before walking away and they blew kisses as it did.

I mean COME THE FUCK ON! I don't even know couples MY age that do this shit. It's quite heart warming, moreover, refreshing. There are some people that say true love is about infinite passion, while others say the key is communication. I am a firm believer that it's a combination of the two. Because I've been in both types of relationships, and both have failed because they were missing the other component. You need hugs and kisses and hot, rip each others clothes off before u can even make it through the front door sex. But u also need respect, trust, and compromise. 'Cuz if yall have absolutely nothing of substance to talk about in bed after ur hot and sweaty romp in the sheets, then ur kinda just booty-calls. And if all u do is talk talk talk without physical intimacy, then ur kinda just best-friends.

U CAN FIND BOTH. My homeys Gail and Gayson found it 2 1/2 years ago and they're still in their honeymoon stage. Don't fool urself into believing that u can't have both either! If u don't need both, that's perfectly fine, to each their own. But if that's what u want, then don't settle for less just because ur afraid u'll end up alone or ur cynical that this type of love exist.

While I don't know the exact story behind this elderly couple, I'd like to think they are a living testament of this kinda love. I wish I could sit down with them and ask how they met, how they fell in love, how they got married, and how they stay in love. Whatever the story, I'm sure it's got both passion and friendship in it. Because once the lust settles, and the arthritis sets in and all u can do is sit in ur rocking chair - yall better have something to talk about.


Se7en said...



I was waiting for this Abi to return.

(Oh how I wish my head would allow me to write again)

Se7en said...

P.S. The Vampire Diaries: Season 1 - Series 4 - "Family Ties"

*End Transmission*

yoshi said...

gahhhhhhhhh - I LOOOOOOVE THIS! i swear, john and i will be that old asian tiny couple with canes... and glasses... i'll make him sweet. I WILL. bahahha

gailey said...

awww.... i love this.

THIS right here is what give us hope and makes us say, "there really is such thing as true love."

yes, after 2.5 years, i am still utterly head over heels on cloud nine hopelessly in love.

Unknown said...

i love old people still in love. gives me hope...

Unknown said...

Too fckin cute! I hope one day I can find someone I can grow old with just like them. That's always been a goal for me. I'm not giving up either.



Miss J said...

Just started reading your them all.

I definately like coming across couples that prove that long lasting love does exist.

Thx for sharing!