Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fashion, Ur KILLING Me

Dear God, Please don't make me have to spend almost 2bills just to cop this seasons hottest trend that I've been borrowing from Geli for almost the past 2 years. If anyone finds a pair of over the knee, suede, boots with a heel under $100 in a size 6-7 (because my feet are magical sometimes. magical as in a nicer word for retarded) HOLLER AT UR GIRL.
I promise the above and a bf blazer are the only 2 things on my list ... for now. I really don't want to splurge 'cuz I shouldn't be shopping right now and instead saving for Santee Aleey next month but these are wardrobe staples, classic that will never go outta style. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself when I empty my wallet on this shit.
OK, and this last item. This is just me being greedy lol. I'd like 2 straps though, and a lil' thicker. Maybe a buckle somewhere in that mix too. But because I don't have $1,000+ to spend on these bad boys nor trust the Japanese and UK ads on Ebay, I'll continue to refresh F21 until they finally start selling a k.o. pair.
P.S. I have never wanted this much black stuff in my life. As much as we need the rain and the winter, I can't wait 'till it's spring again.


Se7en said...

"I'd like 2 straps though, and a lil' thicker."


"Make What, Not War" on the brain Abi?


The over the knee suede boots with heel are hot!

BF Blazer... jury is still out on that one. But I will leave that "hotness factor" to you fashionista! ;p

But those boots... those boots are DOPE! Never thought that style could be so sexy - maybe it is the heel height???


(P.S. As for the black - I know you like black lol! But naw, seriously... it is the Jay-Z influence:

"Get y’all fatigues on, all black everything/Black cards, black cars, all black everything."

UMC (Universal Mind Control) ©Common

Say word.

Se7en said...

"I have never wanted this much black stuff in my life."

*No Comment*


Anonymous said...

i got some over the knee suede boots but too bad they dont have a heel...i cant remember how much but i did copp em in 2 other colors and i think it was less than $100...u should check macys, chinese laundry! although i got mine last year and ones with a heel'd be better! and... u can always try thriftstores for the boyfriend blazer...but of course they wont have ones ith studs hehe
ok sorry if this aint helpin :/

Se7en said...

A friend of mine just copped some over the knee suede boots WITH heel yesterday (size 7 and under $100 too).

I will hit you up with the info and a pic tonight.