Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bucket List

U know how most people want to visit the 7 Wonders of the World? I don't LOL. But I do have my own list of places I would love to go while I'm still here on Earth, at least for the first time around. I love to travel. Matter of fact I do it like I can actually afford to and really got the PTO. But visiting these beautiful places always, always makes me feel unbelievably lucky and blessed. And being broke afterwards and eating Ramen for an entire week is always, always worth it.

1. The Maldives
Look at that shit, there's really no explanation necessary. And because it's the lowest country in the world (only 1.5 m above sea level on average) it can be submerged by 2050/2100 due to the effects global warming has on the rising sea levels. Ladies? 2011? DONESON.COM

2. Santorini, Greece
When I first watched Lara Croft's Tomb Raider I instantaneously became attracted to the all white buildings and bluest of the blue waters of this island, and have been absolutely obsessed ever since.

3. Fairbanks, AL
Why the fuck Fairbanks Alaska of all places? 2 words: Aurora Borealis. The greatest, most spectaular-ist, light show on Earf, no E necessary, and possibly one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons I may ever see in my life.

4. Giza Plateau, Egypt
Because I will never believe the great pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian sphinx are real until I see it with my very eyes. I cannot even fathom the feeling I would have in the prescence of this famous wonder of the world. I may damn near ahve an out of body Cleopatra experience.

5. Zimbabwe, Africa
Because I'm a crazy muthafucka. I don't think I will have lived until I play in the Devil's Swimming Pool atop Victoria Falls which boast a 128m drop. During Sept. and Dec. u can swim as close as possible to the edge without plumetting to a watery grave below. Dude. Yall have to YouTube videos of these lunatics jumping in. I'm totally gonna be one of them. P.S. Did I mention I can't even swim?

P.S. If the list had been Top 11, Bora Bora, Paris, Rome, Venice, The Amazon Rainforest, and Japan, and Dubai added to the list.

Where would you like to go?


Anonymous said...

i want to go to a lot of those places too! really wanna backpack through europe (meaning i better do it SOON cause i'm not getting any younger!), i wanna see greece, rome, egypt and of course i gotta visit the mainland and do shopping in HK...and a stop in japan :)

Se7en said...

I have been blessed (because there just truly is no other way to put it) to travel the world.

I have never been to The Maldives (chose Musha Cay instead) or Africa.

Egypt is on my list... and I was just thinking A LOT lately about how I have never been to Africa so... if I can ever travel again then it is the first place that I will visit.

Greece... wow... it is INCREDIBLE! The water... the architecture.


(I am going to send you something in a bit... this post kind of creeped me out - lol)

Kweenie Weenie said...

My list is just as ambitious as yours. Lol. I concur with your list and I'm adding:
PRAGUE, CZ (my all time favorite city in the world and I haven't even been there yet. I was telling you this in Vancouver. Lol)
Peru (Machu Picchu)
Tahiti - Fiji
India (Taj Mahal)
Tibet (Mt Everest. I am climbing that shit!)
Australia (to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef which is dying)
China (Great Wall, Forbidden City)

And on and on and on...

Look what you started! ;)

Anonymous said...

i did a post on maldives too and soooooooooooo wana go there! it looks ridiculously like heaven in my mind haha...N i totally agree wit ur top 5 and the 6 shoot i jus wana go around the world to all the amazing places before i die! ps. hope the event went well mama!!