Friday, January 21, 2011

One Happy Fits All

I know I just seen you just last week, but you look a little ... I dunno ... what' the word? Different.

Did you get a haircut? No, no, it actually looks longer now.

Hmmm ... it's definitely not a tan 'cuz this is actually the palest I've ever seen you (and you know I'd cut you if you visited some tropical place without me).

Oh wait I know! All those hours at the gym are paying off! Dammit, that still ain't it.

I'm checking you out right now, 'cuz girrrrrl you must've went shopping without me.

Nope. Same denim we both got at the first Hellz sample sale we went to. Same letterman jacket that I've been wanting to steal from your closet. And I've seen you wear that Kangol plenty of times.

But your skin. It's glowing. And your eyes. They're - ew, they're twinkling you homo. And fuck me sideways, you're smiling from the inside out. Ahhh, I got it. You dun went and got you some HAPPY. The free kind. The right kind. The real kind. And I know we like different things, and got a different steez, but go 'head girl. WORK IT. 'Cuz that shit looks good on you.

Now if only we were the same size.


Kweenie Weenie said...

I need to find her her own bottle of glitter so you homos can match. Lol

Minnie said...

lovin this! I'm feeling just like this now, got that HAPPY and now everything seems so different yet still the exact same :/ ... :D ("it all starts with you")

Mouf.Peace said...

Min - happy, it's a good look on everyone :)