Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Happens in Vegas Stays in ... Your Thighs

'Cuz for the first time ever, I did more eating in Vegas than drinking, dancing, or partying. WTF right? But when you got restaurants like Max Brenner, Hash House A Go Go, and Island Sushi how can one resist? THEY DON'T.

My first dinner of 2011 was with 2 of my favorite girls at one of my newest favorite Vegas eating establishments, Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar. Thankfully, my fat ass spotted it in a magazine at the telly and Queenie's fat ass brought it up again. I'm so glad the line at Cheesecake Factory was ridonk, otherwise I may have never gotten to eat here.

Rach, her vagina cup, and white hot chocolate. The ladies know I'm a fan of white chocolate. Mmm hmm lol. Where the Mexican hot chocolate though? HAH.
OK so left to right: Steak (I've had better but for a place known for their chocolate it was still very good!) flavorful potatoes, and the BEST FUCKING CHEESY CORN CROQUETTES I'VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE. OK, so they're the ONLY corn croquettes I've ever tasted in my life BUT STILL. Then, mushrooms with spinach in a garlic lemon sauce (must try to imitate one day), onion rings with chocolate ranch sauce (we all preferred regular ranch though), and a spinach asparagus crepe. There was nothing I DIDN'T like.
And for dessert, a banana split waffle thingy. I forget what it was actually called but here, you can read Rach's nomz nomz post on it maybe she says it there. It came with chocolate sauce, and little malt balls. Asides from the malt balls and the bananas, I thought this was just ok. I actually preferred the entrees better but overall, the entire meal was still 4 outta 5 stars in my book.
Our last meal before we drove off into zombie infested nothing land (aka back to the Bay from Vegas) was at Island Sushi under the recommendation of my Mary, Gail. And holy fuck my life. We ordered the garlic chicken which was similar to Mitsuken in Hawaii (although I wouldn't know since I was hung the fuck over when we had it), fried saimen, and quite possibly one of the best spicy tuna bowls I've ever tasted. So simple but sooo delicious. I loved how they added taro chips in there too. It was a nice 'lil accompaniment and added a good texture to the dish.

Now go drool on that, 'til my next Foodgasm post, which will show you how I ate my way through Miami. UGH, I would be a fat ass in the one city known for dieting and staying in shape.

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