Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'd Beat

I'm fucking EXHAUSTED. Having one of those, "Don't even say the word a-l-c-o-h-o-l or else I'm a yack," kinda Sundays but asides from that I'm feeling awesome lol. Just tired. So here's something nice and fluffy to hold you over 'til Monday.

I've always been a music enthusiast, who isn't right? But I am a slave to detail (it's a blessing and a curse), especially when it comes to beats. I always notice the little things most people overlook. Then, when I went out with a producer, this trait was intensified even more because I was able to identify every little key, pitch, 808, snare, etc. in a track and appreciate it even more.

So here are some of my favorite instrumentals as of today (not of all time), maybe you can appreciate them just as much. If you have anything to add, please do!

Right Above It - Kane Beatz

Aston Martin Music - Justice League

You Be Killin Em - Ryan Leslie

All the Lights - Yeezy

All the Lights Interlude

I just had to say that I really, REALLY love this beat. It's a headphones required knock for sure. Kanye may be a scumbag but you can't knock his talent! The horns especially make me wanna ride up on a horse and go to war on some medieval type shit or get hella amped as if I'm about to play in the Superbowl lol. I know, I'm weird but I know the homie Scott feels me on this! And I think this is exactly what good music is all about - provoking thoughts and emotions beyond the basslines.


jdotldot said...

just burned one & your post had me playing the AOTL interlude on repeat.. been knockin this beat lately:

Mouf.Peace said...

ooh i love his voice! but yah that song is contagious. i remember when i first heard it i was like, "wtf is so special about this song?" 15 minutes later i was singing the hook fml lol.

jdotldot said...

i read your comment and was like.. huh? i dont know how but i think the link got messed up.. i tried posting this vado instrumental ( which is the complete opposite of the mike posner cover. haha

Mouf.Peace said...

lmao ok this makes a lot more sense. i thought maybe u just linked the wrong posner video but u did link tne entire opposite. like ok, maybe he's just feelin this guitar beat cuz he's lit haha.