Monday, January 24, 2011

All My Single Ladies

I'm gonna risk getting harpooned by a feminist group right now and just lay it out there: Any woman that says she doesn't want to be in a relationship - is LYING. I don't care how beautiful, how rich, how independent, or how successful she is - somewhere, deep down in that thick ass skull and cold black heart of hers, she wouldn't mind being beautiful, rich, independent, and successful with a man by her side. 'Cuz just like every King needs a Queen, every Superwoman needs a Superman (here I am).

But in no way does this mean she lives to be in one. In no way does this means she can't live without one. In no way does this mean she is miserable being single. And in no way does this mean she wants to be with YOU.

Some of you men need to get off of your high horse. I'm sure you're a catch. I'm sure you got your shit together. And I'm almost positive you handsomer than a motherfucker. But a woman who is also a catch, that's got her shit together, and is oh "so very, fly oh my it's a little bit scary" knows she has just as many, if not more options than you do. Or ... maybe, she doesn't have any at all. Just know that maybe, quite possibly, she might be *gasp, dare I say it?* OK with this. That maybe, quite possibly it's by choice. I can't speak for all single ladies, but I can speak for all my single ladies that are alone but not lonely.

It's just sad that usually when a woman is single, it's because she's damaged and has issues, but when a man is single, it's because he's a bachelor and doesn't want to be in a relationship. It can definitely go both ways, and while it can definitely be true, it's not always true.

So the next time you see a single woman (or hell, even a single man) that seems to have their life together in every aspect except for the love department, don't feel sorry for him or her. 'Cuz he or she just might be feeling sorry for you.

Good lookin Marla.


Stace said...

Another post to add to my favourites :)

Mouf.Peace said...

yay u have more than one lol ;)

Nicki's World said...

I'm single and not looking, I'm good but whenever I tell my girls this they think I'm bullshittin! Trying to tell me that I'm "scared" and need to get in a relationship to learn, grow, and mature as if I can't do the three w/o a relationship. I accept the fact that I'm different haha and I will proudly say I am one of those rare cases, and possibly not comfortable being co-dependent. :) Nice blog <3