Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Face Time

There's not really any way for me to ease into this topic so for the faint of heart - come back tomorrow. For everyone else that's already used to my brash raunchiness, hello and good morning, let's talk about ejaculating on a woman's face now shall we?

Sex seems to be a common discussion amongst me and my friends both male and female, so naturally it's a common topic here on the blog. And along with sex, comes oral sex. And along with oral sex comes busting on ones face. Right? No? Just me? OK just kidding then ...

So this is where I stand (or kneel ba-dum-bump) in regards to giving head.

There are very few things I wouldn't try at least once for the RIGHT person. Facials, pearl necklaces, and even swallowing (ew) are on that list. My only requirement is they gotta be worth it. And let me clarify that just because the sex is good, it doesn't mean they're worth it. The shit I mentioned above is seen as degrading to some so if I'm going to put myself in a vulnerable position like that, it's going to be with someone I trust with both my heart and vagina.

However, MANY of my male friends seem to take the opposite stance.

They feel as if they can only do these "freaky" type of things with "hoes" rather than with "wifey," because they want to "caress their girlfriends face, not shoot their children all over it." They believe that since this type of behavior is usually associated with porn stars that they would never actually date (just fuck), that it's reserved for booty calls and one night stands. Again, women who they would never actually date (just fuck).

And I get it. I really do. But, are you to tell me that if this hot, beautiful woman who you love dearly, aka your girlfriend or wife, said, "Oh big (insert name here) please jizz into my mouth right now!" that you'd put your dick back in your pants in disgust and send her to bed early with no supper? *Ed Lover, COME ON SON!*

The general consensus seems to be this: Men are more likely to bust in the face of someone they DON'T care about, and women are more likely to let someone they DO care about bust on them. The only explanation I have for this is since a woman gets it DONE to her, and a man DOES it to the woman, she's more likely to save it for a special occasion, or more specifically - a special person. Kinda like the fine china in the cabinet. You only use it for important gatherings, like an engagement dinner or birthday party. Or that sexy Herve Lever dress that you only wear when you need to bring out the big guns ... like for your high school rivals engagement dinner or ex's birthday party. You get it? No? Fine.

But whether you agree or disagree, all I know is I'm reserving it for a man who loves and appreciates the brain I have before the brain I give.

p.s. do you know how hard it is to find an artistic picture of a woman getting a facial on the internet? hard. i tried lol.

Good lookin on the image Deryk lol!


yoshi said...

o.m.g. "caress their girlfriends face, not shoot their children all over it."

element said...

as a man... i have to disagree with the other men on this one. With booty call chicks, my nut stays in the condom. tied up. wrapped in toilet paper. and coming with me home.... I DONT TRUST THEM HOS! Now with the gf im more willing to let the little boys and girls fly free. hoping they would land in her mouth, possibly her eyeball, a little in the hair. just my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

lol we totally had this conversation! it's the whole disrespect and respect thing. lol guys don't respect hoes and so they'd rather jizz on their faces than girls that they do respect.

ashley sade said...

LOL i see both ways. but seriously, id never ever agree to swallowing - until i fell in love HAHA.

Mouf.Peace said...

yosh - yes, yes, my boy D is so the poet lol

element - if only they had these type of topics in debate class!

kris - what did i say on fb? sometimes a girl wanna be a little disrespected in the bedroom lmao

ash - agreed. unless i'm having his kids, i ain't swallowing them. klajsdfkljsdf. even i can't believe i just said that haha.

Se7en said...

Yeah. 0 for 2 Abi (well, the clothing post I can sort of see because as a woman... you know what you wish to see on a guy).

Not sure what kind of guys you kick it with... but I agree with element - such behavior is reserved for your GF or wife.

These posts are going to start having to cum (no pun intended - enh... who am I kidding... pun INTENDED) with "This is a woman's take on this" disclaimer lol

The HI Life said...

buhahahahahah! that is the picture that is on display at all of the sephora stores! buHAHAHH! i thought of the same thing when i saw that! lol. heart you abi!

Mouf.Peace said...

7 - read again, I AGREE with u and element

Hi life - my friend showed me an actual pic from a sephora storefront n just HAD to find the original lol

Se7en said...

Maybe I need some sleep lol. I read it but am still getting the... I cannot even think of the word right now... that is how exhausted I am!

(Sorry... still recovering from my birthday yesterday)

"Impression" (there we go) that your post is stating most men desire to bust like that on someone other than the woman they love? Am I still way off?

Mouf.Peace said...

7 - happy belated birthday!!!!

and yes that is what the post is stating because i asked several men and that was the consensus. however, i disagreed. so no "women's perspective disclaimer" needed, at least not for this one lol.

Se7en said...

Oh ok! I get it now lol

(And thank you! September is just around the corner so you can party all month ;)

gailey said...

you already know my stories. HAHAHHA

Mouf.Peace said...