Monday, January 17, 2011

Dress You Up In My Love

There's a lot of pressure on men these days, but believe me when I tell yall that you still got it easy in certain departments and the actual department store is one of them. A while ago, the homie was telling me how he hadn't went shopping in forever. And I told him that as long as he keeps his shoe game clean, he has nothing to worry about.

'Cuz for the most part, men look the same in almost everything. The only variables that change their overall look are hair, and weight. That's it. Whereas women have all these contributing factors like makeup, and heels, and accessories, and push up bras. But if a man is handsome and in shape with a fresh cut, he will still look handsome and in shape with a fresh cut whether he's in a cow costume, sweatsuit, or policeman's uniform.

And if the girl you're seeing is anything like me? Then, sweety, there's really only 3 items you need to stock up on in your closet and they are the following:

1) White V's - A man can never have enough so stack 'em up, unless you're into poppin tags and shit in which case MY BAD. The thing is, white v's go with anything, you can dress 'em up or down, and then you can let your girlfriend walk around in them after sex with no panties and her ass cheeks hanging all out, which will probably lead to even more sex.

2) Slim fitting denim - Because we do not need to see half of your ass while you walk down the street. Because you are not 16 anymore. Because JNCO's and Cross Colors were soooo over a decade ago. Because grown men fit into their jeans. But if they're skinny jeans or I can see your nuts trying to escape, I will not only ask for my jeans back - I will kick your ass to the curb as well.

3) A clean pair of kicks - My personal faves are Js and Tims, so choose your poison. Whether they be Nikes, or Creative Recs, or even Vans. As long as they're clean you're in business. I promise that regardless of what you're wearing, it will all come down to the shoes at the end of the stare down. And if there's one way to ruin the stizzle, it's to have on a nice outfit and top it all off with some dirty ass raggedy shoes.

And that's it. Style any way you like. My fave mancessories of choice are a fitted hat (I mean you already know, SF por vida), and a letterman jacket. But as long as you got those 3 basics, the possibilities are endless. However, I will say that if a man looks good in a suit? He can look good in ANYTHING.

Ladies, anything you like to see your mens in?


Chase said...

Same requirements as you, more or less. My dude doesn't need to do much, white v neck, fitted jeans, good kicks, a flannel every now and then and I'm good. Oh and he MUST own a suit and some dressy shit. Can't be rollin to church w/ me in jeans. Damn I envy dudes sometimes lol

Se7en said...

You guys (*clears throat*)... I mean girls... have got it all wrong. Kind of surprised it is the majority consensus/belief that it is so easy for men when it comes to fashion. I could not disagree more. As a guy, you simply have to trust that I am right on this one. It would be like me trying to tell a woman that I know how difficult childbirth is... I really do not know. Why? Because I am not (and will never be) a woman.

I take as much time to get ready (probably longer) than a woman - even though it may not always appear so. I shop for 3-4 hours at a time to find the right shirt or shoes. I get manicures. I am clean (cleaner and better smelling than some women to be completely honest - and that is no disrespect to their hygienic practices, as most women I know are clean and smell really nice, but I have always figured if women go through the trouble, why should a man not do the same?).

Sorry Abi... unless I am really just not your typical guy, this post is way off.

Mouf.Peace said...

chase - lmao wearin last nights clubbing clothes to church the next morning!

7 - i never said it was easy. the post for the most part is about how if ur with a chick like me i don't care too much for all the bells and whistles, those 3 basics are fine. i do know that men can take a very long time to get ready and do shit like get manicures. i used to date someone like that lol. BUT go to a dept store and you'll see the difference in options that men and women have.

Mouf.Peace said...

ok wait and im lying, i did say it was easy lol. what i meant is, easier.

Marie said...

i agree. nothing is sexier on man than a clean white tee and some jeans that fit just right (except maybe a nicely fitted suit on special occassions)

Se7en said...

See! lol

(But I think the fashion world is a direct result of what we buy into - and the fact is that women have more options because women spend more money in that department)

And I am the type of guy (L.L. Voice) who gets slightly irritated by the commercials during NFL games. They always depict men as unclean, unhygienic; never remember important dates (i.e. anniversaries), sitting around in dirty t-shirts, lazy, etc., etc. Yes, I know guys like that, but they are the 1 out of 10 (possibly more). What I have found is that these stereotypes are so untrue (i.e. women cannot be filthy - oh yes, they certainly can!).

Another thing that bugs me is that the thought you expressed above is because most men simply do not care about fashion. I love clothes - but do not own a pair of J's - even though my closet is stacked with casual athletic shoes. Just not really into Nike’s beyond a few 1's. But I think that is more about the fact that I like what I like and more importantly, I know what I like. I do not wish to look like everyone else (I also do not wish to look like the male Lady Gaga either). I do not want to be different just to be different.

A great example is guys at clubs/bars/lounges. What do they wear - a button-up untucked (yeah, do not tuck, I agree with that in casual attire), blue jeans, and those awful square tip dress loafers - 98%. That takes absolutely no effort whatsoever (not to mention I do not like that look). Sure dressing in a suit is not always appropriate, but throw a sweater, blazer, sport jacket, a tie, slacks - whatever is outside the norm - when you are going casual with the button-up and jeans, etc. You walk into a club or bar that requires "no sportswear or sneakers" and it is Attack of the Clones lol.

I do not know. Perhaps it is because I am getting older. Perhaps it is because of my upbringing or etiquette and knowledge regarding what is and is not appropriate when it comes to dress and grooming. I do not look anywhere near my age, but I do not think I can do even the simple graphic tee any longer (love white tees though - fitted of course - I own hundreds, seriously). I just think we have too many people (men and women) whom get their sense of style from others whom tell them what that style should be. Style (especially when it comes to fashion) is an acquired knowledge and taste that develops over years - not just by watching an awards show, flipping through a magazine, or visiting a website. It is like Yeezy shouting out Phoebe Philo. Like you learn of a stylist and that makes you stylish. I.Do.Not.Think.So.

We are losing an art (truly).

Anyway, I am going shopping! Time for a new look!

Visaya, J. said...

Guys in white v necks make me want to sin. LOL. Seriously though, I introduced my boyfriend to v necks and ever since he started wearing them he hasn't worn his long white t's anymore. Haha. Thank god. I also told myself "date a guy with nice shoes" because I believe shoes can tell a lot about a person. Foreal though, guys in sandals or whatever is such a turn off.

Mouf.Peace said...

marie - yes, i guess this is a mans version of "less is more"

7 - whoah whoah whoah. lol. keep on being steezy and hygenic and picky when it comes to shoes and clothing. it's ok. maybe i shudve titled this "my favorite outfit on a guy," that's all i was saying. this is my fave outfit on a dude. yall don't have to razzl dazzle me in some chris brown get up. white tee. denim. nice shoes (MY PERSONAL faves are js and tims). that's all i need. if u wanna do more cool. but that's all i need.

j - sandals ... WITH SOX omg i cannot!

camille said...

yes. a crispy pair of kicks is hella sexy. even sexier? a 3 piece suit *drops mic on the ground* game over.