Monday, August 23, 2010


Getting into a (potentially) new relationship can be hard for jaded individuals, and even harder for those who are damaged. A family vacation turns into "visiting the ex," and an "I miss you" text really means "I feel guilty for fucking someone last night." Your name suddenly becomes synonymous with the word neurotic and it gets to the point where you're constantly checking out your reflection in store windows as you walk down the street 'cuz you swear your crazy is starting to show through your cool, calm, and collective demeanor.

Well I'm so sorry. But this chick isn't your last chick. And this dude isn't your ex-boyfriend. Maybe they're better, maybe they're worse. Or maybe you need to fucking relax. 'Cuz running away from the first person you think of when you wake up, and last person you think of at night, isn't going to erase the pain what's his/her face left behind. Attempting to ignore their calls isn't going to reverse those tears that fell from your eyes months ago. And telling yourself that what you feel isn't real, is only going to make you realize just how real it is.

What you have to do is trust the situation. BELIEVE that they aren't seeing anyone else because they genuinely have feelings for YOU.

Because they haven't laughed so hard in a year. Because they've never seen someone look so handsome walking around in just their sweats. Because you're not just a good fuck, you're a GREAT FUCK lol. Because they've never felt so comfortable around someone they just met. Because they've never seen someone look as sexy as you do in open-toe shoes. Because you are one thoughtful and witty mufucka. Because you smell like a baby in the morning. Because they have just as much fun conversing with you as they have drinking, dancing, or riding roller coasters with you. But most likely because you are beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented, sexy, and just plain old AWESOME.

But most of all, you gotta trust yourself
. Enough to know that even if they ARE seeing someone else, or aren't on the same page as you - that it's nothing to a boss. It's their loss, and you won't even flinch because well, duhhh - you are beautiful, intelligent, funny, sexy, and just plain old AWESOME.


Nikki said...

You have words of wisdom that not even the people closest to me can say. Thanks so much for posting this, I needed to read this.

Mouf.Peace said...

aw ur welcome sweetie!

janet anne said...


jdotldot said...

came across this blog randomly .. just wanted to say that i liked reading your posts esp. "do i drive u crazy?"

Mouf.Peace said...

@janet anne lol i don't know? 'cuz everyone needs to hear it? 'cuz sometimes i need to hear it?

@jdot i'm glad u enjoy them, thanks for stopping by :)

gailey said...

... and you know EXACTLY why i LOVE this post!! i feel the positive vibe pressing against my computer screen! LOVE you marrrrry!!!