Thursday, August 26, 2010


Aunt Flow is making her way into my life once again and during her monthly visits, she likes to bring gifts in the form of cravings. This month is no exception. As of lately, I've been eating like my life depended on it and I've had NO kind of self control FML. Nothing like having a pot-belly in a bikini! And I have the following items to thank for that ...

Sushi Bake: Ever since I was introduced to this about a year ago via Vanessa (Fat), I've been hooked. So simple, so good, yet so bad. I swear I can (and probably have) finish an entire tray.

::As requested::

Ingredients: Sushi rice, rice vinegar, mayo, imitation crab meat, furikake, nori, salt and pepper to taste. Bake safe tray. I don't know how much of what to use, I just estimate.

1) Make sushi rice as directed on the bag. 2) Shred crab meat into thin pieces. 3) Add mayo to crabmeat and taste to your liking. You can add siracha to the mayo if you want a lil' kick to it. Add salt and pepper if needed. Mix well. 3) When rice is done spread it in your tray so that it covers the entire area. I personally, don't like it too thick. 4) Put crab/mayo mixture on top. 5) Sprinkle furikake on top. I like A LOT. 6) Bake until ... shit I have no idea lol. Not long at all, maybe 15ish minutes? 7) GRUB! We just cut out a square and place it in a square of nori and there you go!

White chocolate w/ rasberry swirl gelatto: I'm not a big chocolate fan (at least not by itself) so when I want something sweet while at work, my first go to is the food court at the mall which is home to a gelatto kiosk that I've made very good friends with throughout the years.
Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka: Is the devil in liquid form. Last night Rach made me a glass mixed with some lemonade per Iya's suggestion and it tasted exactly like an Arnold Palmer ... on roids. I am now calling this concoction, an Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Balsamic Sweet Onion Chips: And lastly, these chips have been my kryptonite since I went camping a few weeks ago. I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ASIDES FROM THE FACT THAT THEY'RE SO FUCKING GOOD AND I WOULD PUNCH A BABY IN THE FACE FOR A BAG RIGHT NOW. OK, I'm lying. I'd never punch a baby in the face. But for the 3 seconds I wrote that sentence out, I thought about it. Yah, they're that good.


ashley sade said...

OMG whats in that sushi bake!? sounds and looked hella bomb in the photo.

C-Reezy said...

you needs to try jeremiah sweet tea, or fire fly...those are higher quality sweet teas...seagrams is a bit bitter.

Mouf.Peace said...

@ash omfg it's so good. lol. sushi rice, rice wine vinegar, mayo, crab meat (imitation), furikake, and that's it. cut up a piece put it in some nori and ur

@c-reezy my other friend just suggested that jeremiah stuff i'll def be buying it this weekend good lookin!