Friday, August 27, 2010

Turn it Up ...

I woke up this morning and realized (for maybe the 100th time) that ...

I can't do this shit no more. This blogging thing. Writing on the internet as an escape from reality, using this site as a brief refuge from the humdrum routine of data entry and solicitor payroll. Because it's getting harder and harder for me to hop on that train and go to my 9-5, knowing I should be and could be hopping out of bed in a beautiful but humble apartment, hitting the gym, then making breakfast (don't forget the pot of Jamaican coffee!), and then strolling to my 11-3 that is my laptop in the living room.

It's fucking bullshit.

I'm tired of typing in notes on my phone whenever I get a new idea for a post and it staying there. I'm tired of getting ahead of myself and thinking of the perfect dedication, and illustration for the dust jacket of my non-existent book. I'm tired of the flattering comments, tear-jerking emails, and "#FF my favorite blogger!" tweets ... and not doing a single thing about it.

"This time, I made up my mind.
This time, I'm back on my grind.
I know there's things in my life,
That I'm a let go of starting tonight ..."

I can't live my life this way.


eL said...

I'm in the same boat baby girl. I wake up everyday, smoke a bowl and am inspired to write my life story. . . whichever one. But instead, I hop on BART and sit at a desk for 40+ hours while life awaits outside my cubicle.

I feel ya. Hope you find a way to make your dreams come true. =)

Mike Baker the Bike Maker said...

You know what to do, Abs. GET ON IT!

krisYEE said...

2 songs i think of when i realize i need to get up and do the shit i wanna do and be motivated.

you posted one of em.

the other: soundtrack to my life-kid cudi