Friday, August 13, 2010

Anatomy of a Man

And yes, pic so nice, I used it twice!

I believe that when you are with a man, that he shouldn't be the only one noticing your new haircut or pointing out how good something looks on you. But, it's also hard for me to compliment a man. Almost just as hard as it is for me to accept a compliment from a man. So for every man I've failed to acknowledge, even if I've never told you directly, I'm telling you now: YOU LOOK DAMN GOOD.

Growing up, just like many horny little high school girls, I had a fetish for a mans abs. I'd oogle at the boys during lunch playing ball and watch as they'd lift up the front of their shirts to wipe the sweat off of their face in hopes of catching a glimpse of their 6-pack.

And then - I had sex. And ever since then, I've been infatuated with a mans ... arms.

There's just something about a man with nice arms. Something about this man with nice arms laying on top of you. Using those nice arms to hold himself up so that they're flexed and you know tickets have officially went on sale. And then there's just something about placing your delicate little womanly hands, on this mans nice arms and feeling each and every crevice of his traps and delts and biceps while he's doing this thang thang.

Good God I need a cigarette and a wet-wipe just thinking about it.

But perhaps the sexiest thing about a mans arms, is the fact that these are the same arms that will be holding me as I sleep at night (you know, after the mind-blowing sex lol), and the same arms that will be wrapped around me when I wake up in the morning.

These arms tell a story. They've thrown footballs during camping trips with their bestest friends, and they've thrown a mean punch to the faces of their foes. They've held up their cousins during family parties when they were too drunk to walk back into the house, and they've unfortunately been used to carry a coffin down to a hearse. They've played one-on-one bball with their fathers in their driveway, and moved furniture out of their parents house and into their very first apartment. They've unwillingly held up automatic rifles during war, and carried luggage down the halls of SFO to come back home. These arms have hugged their grand-parents, taught their little brothers how to swing a baseball, and held their newborn baby niece.

And when its' the right man, I'm hoping they'll be the same arms that twirl their mother around on the dancefloor during the mother-son dance at our wedding, the same arms that will carry me into our honeymoon suite, and the same arms that will eventually hold our newborn baby. The same arms that will protect me, and nurture me, and reassure me, and take care of me for the rest of my life.

And that's why, asides from the obvious (i have some nasty lil' girlfriends, yall know who u are lol!) the arms are my favorite part of a mans body. Besides, how ridickulous would it look if the D wrapped itself around my waist when we'd slow dance?

Readers, whats your favorite part of a man/womans body?


Chase said...

I'm with you on the arms, Abi. There's just something about a guy's arms, especially when he's wearing a nice-fitting tee and the top of his bicep is just popping out that makes me say "OMG" even at inappropriate times like church (coughcough)lol. I'm not even into big dudes, just a nice, smooth, well-toned arm.

And LIPS, oh sweet Jesus. Lmao ok I'm done!

Yesi Jukebox said...

I definitely agree on the arms..and a nice shapely butt too