Friday, February 26, 2010

Touch Me, Tease me

I've never considered myself to be a flirt. Some may disagree, but I'm very honest when acknowledging what I am and am not. And once again, I am not a flirt.

What I am however, is affectionate with my friends. Girls, guys, gays, doesn't matter. If I care about you and am happy you are in my life, then more than likely I've laid my head on your shoulder when I was tired, kissed you on the cheek hello, or hugged u good-bye 5 seconds longer than I'd hug a mere acquaintance. This doesn't mean I'm lesbian, or that I secretly got the jones in my bones for u. It just means I am comfortable enough with our platonic relationship to link arms with u walking back to the car on a cold night without u thinking we're gonna hook up. (Now of course, if the other person has a gf or I have a bf, or my actions make anyone feel uncomfortable - then air kisses and a pound out of respect will do just fine lol.)

People have the freedom to interpret actions in different ways. And the ironic part about myself, is that me sitting on ur lap is in no way an indication that I'm feelin u in that way. 'Cuz honestly, if I was, I'd probably sit as far away from u as possible. I'd be quiet, and stiff, and seem unapproachable. And only until it's clear our feelings for each other were mutual or we're already together - would I then be able to ease up around u.

So then one might wonder what then defferentiates the way I'd treat my man as opposed to every other dude in my life. Shouldn't there be a clear distinction? Shouldn't certain things be sacred and only shared between 2 people? Of course.

And one of those things (at least for me) is holding hands.

I can tell if I really like someone by how long it takes me to hold their hand, and more importantly, how it feels once I do. I think holding hands is more intimate than even kissing someone. It signifies so much more than grinding on someones crotch on the dance floor, or even having sex. I've had sex with someone whose hand I couldn't hold. So forget about what u think u saw and what u think what u saw means. 'Cuz it's most likely, not even like that.

I don't lead people on, so until the day comes where I hold ur hand (and not just 'cuz I'm too drunk to walk without assistance lol), then I hate to burst ur bubble but its' not even like that. If I'm with someone, u'll know. If I don't like u, u'll know. And if I like u, u'll know. I may not let u put ur arm around me for the first 6 dates lol, but trust me, u'll know. If we've gone out enough times for u to know my favorite hobby, my secret tattoo, the only man I'd ever be a groupie for, what kind of puppy I'd get if I could have one, the names of my 3 closest friends, and u've spoken to my mom on the phone - yet I still haven't kissed u BUT haven't talked about other dudes with u either? Then consider my lack of affection a good thing :)

Unless of course u just stink. Which if that's the case, then this blog means nothing and u def wanna check ur ph balance before making the assumption that I'm feelin u. Thanks.

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