Friday, February 26, 2010

Say What?! - TGIF Edition

Ok, more like "See What?!" 'cuz I'm hella behind on posting pics from the past months shennanigens. But here's a few from Lot 46 where a bunch of February babies celebrated their birthdays, and the non-incriminating ones (notice how there's only 2 lmao) from Perk and Mateo's welcome back/going away party. Sweaty, good, drunken times. Luh ya both and BE SAFE!

And don't worry, I'll eventually update yall on the MAV show, MAGIC, Vegas, and the Ava shoot as soon as I stay in one place for more than 5 mins lol. It's mufuckin Armageddon outside but try to have a wonderful weekend anyway!

Love Nic!

Me and Kristina lol

Gis I know ur reading this so 1) U were FADED that night, 2) Happy bday again and 3) FLOWER POWER! lol.


2/3rd of the Raunch Monsters plus Dane. Baby-girl sorry for posting this, but I didn't have time to crop yo' ass out. Plus, that's just rude lol.

Me and the BFF

By the way, who is the originator of the "That's what she said?" I swear he needs to be reprimanded ... and then hugged lol.

E: Want half?
A: Naw, I can't eat the big ones, I don't wanna get lipstick on my chin

And yall know the rest lmao.

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Anonymous said...

I can answer your question! I went to watch a stand up show of B.J. Novak and he explained to us that he actually stole the line "That's What She Said" when he was in high school or college, and he was in a school bus and someone happened to say that out loud. And then he used it on the script of the office :)
Well I guess I Somewhat answered your question haha.