Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 Random Things

As stolen from my Hayati 'cuz I have nothing better to blog about:

1. Today was the first time I washed and brushed my hair since Sunday (And I believe I just felt my male reader count go down from 4 to 3 lol)

2. At work, I only wear 1 shoe while sitting at my desk. Yes, just 1.

3. I name all my favorite electronics. For instance, my G1 phone is Sir Lloyd Banks IV, my DSI is Mee-Thu, and my Mac Book is Frankie Robinson.

4. After droppin a duece, I always wait for it to fully flush 'cuz I do not wanna be the girl who makes the next person who uses the toilet yell, "Ewwwwwww." (And I believe I just felt my male reader count go down from 3 to 2 lol)

5. I've bought Christmas cards for the past 8 years, filled them out, and never sent them. FAIL.

And now it's ur turn, tell me 5 random facts about urself and tag the next person!


ReptarParker said...

1. I'm at the library doing a paper and I JUST took off only one shoe before I went to this blog. Weirdsies

2. When I have snot in my nose and no tissue, I hock luggies and spit them out.

3. One time I was so high at a party, I bopped my head to music for an hour straight without moving from that spot

4. When I'm aware of how many times I do things, I do them an odd number amount of times. Volume on tv, amount of times I kiss my gf, shoot a basketball, the number of pieces of gum, it's all an odd number. But it's NOT ocd. lol

5. When I lived in Guam, my friend tried throwing a huge rock over a fence but it bounced back and cracked my head open. I was 6 years old. I forgave her on the spot as I was bleeding from my head. lol

Mouf.Peace said...

its something about just ONE shoe off i'm telling u! lol.

Chase said...

Here goes...

1.I talk to myself...mostly in public, which results in many stares lol. I'll justify by saying this: it's usually when I'm shopping and trying to figure out if I really need something or how I'd wear it or w/e.

2. I laugh ALL the time. Even when nothing funny is happening. I'll remember something and just bust out laughing. This usually occurs in church.

3. I HATE when people look at me. Cute, ugly, young, old, I don't care. Just don't look at me unless you have something to say.

4. No matter where I am, I count the number of stairs I go up and down...out loud. I'm very awkward lol.

5. I can't sleep without the tv on. I need the sound and the light. I can't, however, sleep w/ music and a nightlight.

Mouf.Peace said...

omg chase #1 and #3!!! that's all me too. sometimes i even practice acceptance speeches and shit in the car for make believe awards i get (writer of the year? lol) and i look crazy on the freeway. and i hate hate HATE people who stare and don't say anything. i rather have them mug me at least i know what they're thinking!