Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Power of Beautiful

I've been called a lot of things in my life; slut, pretty, ugly, smart, bitch, ho, funny, selfish, conceited, amazing, asshole, tiiiight, jaded, fly, pessimistic, prude, Ice Queen, talented, skinny, thick, ghetto, dork, nerd, crazy, outgoing, shy, creative, goofy, jerk ... the list goes on.

But one word that I will never get tired of being called, no matter how predictable the situation is or cliche as it may sound is: BEAUTIFUL.

Not cute, not gorgeous, not fine - but beautiful. Shit gets me everytime. And I'm totally breaking the girl code by divulging this information to the men of the world but seriously, if u wanna make a woman feel special, break out the beautiful and the panties are sure to get moist at least 50% of the time. They may not drop for u, but they will get wet - trust.

There is just something about this 3-syllable word that gets me and my girls all mushy-gushy, googly eyed, and blushing. Because as I've always said, "cute" is for puppies and babies. A pink bow in a little girls pigtails can be "pretty". And plenty of porn stars and strippers are "hella fine." But beautiful? Beautiful as my Hayati says is, "more than just a pretty face or a nice bod or good hair or a nice personality, it's like - all of the above times ten."

Beautiful is the stuff soulmates, dream girls, and wedding proposals are made of. Beautiful is not only limited to a sunrise or sunset, a Kailua blue ocean, or Aurora Borealis. To some, it's the ideal typography used correctly. It's a DJ scratch so perfect that it moves the crowd. It's seeing a daughter, a mother, a grandma, and a great-grandmother in the same room all at once. Beautiful, is seeing a man cry and his woman looking at him as if he is the strongest motherfucker in the room. It's seeing your woman come back from her morning run wearing sweats, a messy pony-tail, no makeup and wondering why she spends so much money on MAC and Bebe to begin with.

Beautiful is executing the perfect combo. It's seeing ur mom and ur new girlfriend get along just as much as the two of u do. It's the feeling u get when u switch to 5th gear with the windows rolled down on a sunny day and nobody is in front of u for miles. It's the ability to make the people u care about laugh until they cry, and hearing that high note in ur favorite ballad. It's holding your newborn baby in ur arms for the very first time, and seeing Drew Brees hold his son after winning the Superbowl. As my roommate has said, beautiful is looking at the woman in front of him and feeling blessed everytime. AMEN.

But the most beautiful part of it all, is the fact that a really beautiful woman can tell when a guy says it and means it. I was once called beautiful by the man I loved and I swear to God, for about 3 seconds his soul was speaking to me instead. So fellas, don't think u can just throw the word around like it's nothing. 'Cuz just like the words "I love you," it cannot be abused nor taken advantage of. Love is beautiful. And lying about either one is just plain ugly.


DJ CMC said...

that was awesoem ice queen! lol
naw really good, one of my favorite blogs u have written!

Anonymous said...

Yes ladies, her roommate is single.. hey there beautiful! haha..

NeeCee said...

Wow...That was "Beautiful" I couldn't agree with you more =]

ashley sade said...

FACT! everytime jay calls me that, i get all cheesy & shit.