Monday, October 4, 2010

A Love-Hate Letter to the Giants

Dear Giants,

Where do I even begin with you. We've been through so much. What started off as an arranged marriage, resulted in love at first (orange and black) sight. But I was far too young to understand then ... I couldn't even pronounce Mal-do-na-do. I couldn't even walk from the parking lot to Candlestick Park without dragging my feet, prompting someone to carry me on their shoulders the rest of the way. I wasn't ready for the commitment. Hell, I wasn't even ready for the first grade.

And now? Now look at us. We've practically watched each other grow up. From play dates, to prom dates, and everything in between. You moved, I followed. I strayed, you stayed. But please know that just because my eyes may wander ... especially during basketball season, that they ain't got NOTHING on us baby. Besides, I've had to share you with so many. The ones who only buy your jerseys 'cuz it matches with their Air Max's? Those who hopped on the Playoff bandwagon in an attempt to get to your heart? The blonde with the fake tits who was on her cell phone the entire game? Yo, that shit fucking HURT. Yet - I've remained ride or die.

That Dodger fan I dated was just a fling and he sucked in bed anyway. Meanwhile, I've had to watch people use and abuse you, say your name in vain, and only be your friend when it was convenient to. While I held shit down and defended your honor, even in '02, when you broke my heart and made me cry. I still talked shit to the very last inning. But I've grown up since then. And now I'm ready to be the woman you need me to be.

They say Love is patient. Well, I've been waiting since 1985.
They say Love is kind. Well, I've shared my free tickets with those in need.
They say It does not envy. And I've never been jealous of another girls team.

But I'm sorry. Because this Friday, I'm boasting. And I'm gonna be proud. And downright fucking RUDE, when we take on the Braves. Regardless of the game's outcome. Because love also always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always preserves.

And I've always loved you. Never stopped. Never will.




Matt Maniego said...

omg. i love you. Go Giaaannnnttss!! hahahahhahah

Mouf.Peace said...

haha gigantes por vida!