Thursday, October 21, 2010

GIANTS Never Talk Small

I was going to warn yall with another Giants blabber disclaimer, but in the words of Big Time Timmy Jim, "FUCK THAT SHIT." I know misery loves company, and for the most part, its gotten me a lot of hits on my blog but for now yall are just gonna have to relish in my nerdy baseball glory because yesterday was the happiest day of my life thus far this year (and yes I'm aware that's pretty sad but I don't care lol).

OK. Let me calm the fuck down first and breathe. aklsdjfklsdjflsdkf. I CANNOT. I SIMPLY CANNOT! I'm at work and haven't done shit since I got in. My Meebo window looks like Dance, Dance Revolution with all the im boxes blinking about last nights win and the anticipation of tonights. YAH I SAID IT.

Tangent: DO ANY GIANTS FANS EVEN READ MY BLOG? lol. Probably not, so I'm just gonna point out a few things from Game 4 in an attempt to not put yall to sleep.
  • Uuuu-ribe's throw to first in the 9th? Way to come through in the clutch and do Jose proud with Will the Thrill in the stands. Take THAT wrist contusion!
  • I'm extremely flattered Manuel put in Oswalt. You could tell he was tryna put in all the stops, but even the Wizard of Os couldn't stop us this time! We ain't in Kansas no more baby, and we DEF ain't in Philly. I understand why he did it, but I wonder if his team and especially his relief pitchers are disappointed with the lack of faith he had in them.
  • Thank-you Sandoval for unleashing the Panda and reminding 30+ year olds why they're looking like a bunch of 3rd graders with Panda hats on. NO thank-you for almost making me cry with your post-interview. You know what they say, there's no crying in baseball!
  • Posey? ROY. Ross? Post-season MVP.
  • Wanna see a bunch of grown ass men act like giddy 3rd graders? Replay the dugout emptying after we made our game winning run last night. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
  • After a lot of thought (ok, not so much thought) I've decided that YES. I'd totally let Wilson pitch on my mound. Something about that beard and slightly "off" demeanor that makes me think he's a choker in bed. But yall know my heart still belongs to Sanchez. Yonathan, not body-roll.
  • Damn, I'm sorry that wasn't just a FEW things afterall.

Lastly, I've been getting asked A LOT, A LOT about what I think about band-wagon fans. Well here's an entertaining article in regards to that. I went over this in a previous post but I'll say it one last time. The only ones that are annoying, are the ones who live on Front St. But even then, it's whatever. 'Cuz really, what exactly makes a "true" fan anyway? The number of games you've been to? How well you know the stats? How much we talk shit even when we suck? The dollar worth of the Giants memorabilia you own? How many heart palpatations you get during the games? I really don't care. The more people cheering for the orange & black - the better.

Real Giants never talk SMALL anyway, so I won't even waste my time on haters and bandwagon fans. I just know that I love the Giants today as much as I loved them during one of the first games I went to this season back in April (yes you can check the blog for reference) and I'll be just as excited for when the next season rolls around.

For my girl Kris's recap of Game 3 which we attended, peep her blog here!


stephTHEbum said...

hey girl- i LOVE your blog. i love it even more when i see a fellow sister reppin' the black and orange. i think you and i are the only chicks (that i know of) that probably will cry tonight when we win (or if we lose, but lets not go there). btw, i know your boy derrick whose pic you posted in one of your recent blogs- what a small world. arrite girl, good luck tonight!

Mouf.Peace said...

aw any friend of derrick's is a friend of mine :) and o girl my eyes got watery during that post interview except my boy gave me an "are u serious right now?" look and i had to man the fuck up!