Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is Good

This 3-day weekend couldn't have been any shorter, but I guess that's what happens when you're having fun. Friday kicked it with moms and the bff at the lobsterfest of all lobsterfests. I swear I didn't even like lobster, and I didn't. Until I tried it in garlic butter, chipotle butter, and jalepeno butter. I swear I could've been eating crayons and it not matter, flavored butter makes everything taste good. Checked into the Westinn SFO right after and laid now for my 7am wakeup call the next day.
After a rainy week, Saturday morning was a blessing. Woke up to a beautiful view and an even more beautiful bride. Congrats Joey and Dee and thanks for making me a part of this momentous occasion! Shots shots shots shots shots all day and more pics to come. Thnx Charrie for making me beautiful. She can do the same for you: Check her out at Be Bella Artistry.
Watched SATC2 on a Sunday afternoon then took a 30 min nap that turned into 3 hours. Really didn't feel like going out that night but wanted to take advantage of having Monday off so I saw the lovely ladies and gents of Dubb at Pearl in SJ. Here's Ferl, me, and Nic. Love the Ballesteros ladies!
Rach, Michelle, Nikki, and moi in front of the VIP booth that smelled like straight ass, yack, and feet. WTF.
This pic pretty much sums up the night - A BIG BLUR lol.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Amidst the bbqs and keg stands, UFC fights, and camping, don't forget to take a second outta your day to think of the reason why we're off to begin with. Mad love and respect to our fallen soldiers and those who fight for us so tha we don't have to. Hopefully I'll be sober, and well rested enough to post a blog that doesn't consist of just pictures later womp.


Eden Angel said...

The food looks yummy and you look really pretty :) x

Mouf.Peace said...

omg u should've seen how good the food looked BEFORE i ate it lol. and thanks mama ur lovely urself :)

ashley sade said...

LOL at the blurrrr photo