Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can't Keep Running Away

Ever since my Bikram membership expired, I've had to painstakingly resort back to the *dun*dun*dun* gym. And it's not that I don't like going, because I love going. It's just that I'm not very affluent with the different machines and exercises I should be doing and prefer going with a partner. You know a real one, not one that just goes and gossips with you while you're on the treadmill lol.

So lately I've been doing a lot of running instead. Typically, I meet up with friends at the lake, but since it's been so gorgeous these past few days I've taken advantage of running at the beach. I never used to be a fan of running. Matter of fact, I hated it. But I've grown to love the feeling of your calves burning when you run up a hill, and the sound your feet makes as it hits the pavement (btw I need new running shoes 'cuz these Trunners ain't the biniss). There's just something about feeling the wind whiz by your ears and being so focused that your heartbeat and breathing drown out even the music coming from your Ipod.

And then there's the ocean. The sun. The breeze. The sand. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in this city. Sure, it's not a tropical island sunset but it's the best sunset on the West Coast and yes, I'm totally being biased lol. During my last beach run it was too windy to run on the sand. Actually, I ate sand for half a block before finally saying, "Fuck all this shit," and crossed the street. But yesterday? It was perfect.

I can't run as much as I'd like because I'm not really tryna do too much cardio. Not running to lose weight, just to stay in shape. And more importantly, to stay in mental shape and keep my chi in check. You can't keep running away from all the noise and stress. You can only run towards your goals. And one of mine is just a beach run away. Have a surprise for yall :)


krisYEE said...

i like how you go running and stop to take pictures! lol

Mouf.Peace said...

lol fuck yah! it was too beautiful not to. i'm telling u, holler at a fanny-pack one time hahaha!

Sue said...

KUDOS to you for getting your fitness on. Have you tried dragging Brian with you? .... .... LMAO!

I'm not a runner but would like to start. I started wogging (walk/jog)..how did you start?

ashley sade said...

I use to have those same trunners! Until I literally beat the shit outta them at the gym lol.