Thursday, May 27, 2010

27 on the 27th!

The first time I met the homie Karl he saved me from dancing with some short, drunk, non-rhythmic dude at the club, and he's pretty much been saving my ass ever since. The second time we met I thought his name was Carlo and I asked for his ssn#, shoe size, and mothers maiden name because I didn't trust him with our fundraiser cash box in his trunk. I've come to learn that he's one of my most trust-worthy friends yet. Happy birthday to my road dog Chau, the only German/Ching-Ching I know that's more Filipino than me.

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yoshi said...

omgggg ask karl how he used to "help" me cheat in science class!!!!! (aka LET me get answers off his test) OMMGGGGG! i can't believe you know karl!