Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Game Recognize Game

Dear Abi,

How do I know if the girl I'm feelin likes me back? There's little things here and there that make me think she does, but I'm not sure. HELP, I'm going to a concert with her tonight, and need some game!

Gameless in San Leandro

First things first - no game is better than Front st. game. If the female is already going to a concert with u, it means she can stand u for more than 15 minutes and most likely enjoys ur company as is. So if it ain't broken, don't fix it. If she didn't like ur personality already she wudn't be kickin it, so just be urself ... except in small doses, don't give her all of u. Having said that, the first thing u need to understand is most girls (gold diggers, attention whores, and sluts aside) can genuinely enjoy the company of a man yet have absolutely no feelings (of "that" kind) towards them. So none of this "she picked up her phone when I called when she didn't have to, she MUST like me," booshit. Sometimes I hug my girlfriends, does that mean I'm a box eater? NO, so get over it. Just because she leans her head on ur shoulder it doesn't necessarily mean she likes u. She was tired - take it for what it is. However, personally speaking, there are certain areas of a woman (asides from the obvious) that she will let a man touch ONLY if she likes them. i.e. putting ur hands on her waiste and hugging her from behind *ding*ding*ding* u have a chance buddy 'cuz Lord knows I ain't lettin u touch me there unless I want u touching me other places as well. Unfortunately, I have no sure answer for u 'cuz everyone is different. The obvious, and easiest way is to ask - but we all know there's reprucussions to that. My best advice is to ease ur way into it. If the broad likes u - u'll just know. TRUST ME.


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carren (aka apple) said...

hahaha i like that disclaimer plus the "dear abi" section to this blog is genius =).

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely obsessed with your blog.
I basically BLOG-STALK YOU... LOL.
Please don't charge me for stalking O_O...
Everything you write is so insightful.
& You've inspired me to create my own blog :)
So I would me SO greatful if you checked it out! :)
There's only two posts up so far... but its SOMETHING :)

Keep up the good shit that keeps me laughing, crying, motivated, and makes my day!

DJ CMC said...

humm...thats interesting abigail!