Monday, July 27, 2009

When Worse Comes to Worse.

I believe it's true when they say u tend to forget about the people who love u the most, or throw them on the back burner not because u don't care about them but simply because u know they'll always be there. These are the people I'd take a bullet for when it comes down to it, but fail to keep in touch with on the daily, or even weekly, and sometimes even monthly 'cuz I'm too busy partying with my friends or twiddling my thumbs. These people are my family.

And I know blood is thicker than water, but water is so much more fun to play with lol. Hence, I see my friends and keep in contact with them way more than I do my little cousins aunts, uncles, and even mom. But as I get older, the more I realize that as dysfunctional as we may be - my fam is my back bone and "when worse comes to worse my people come first."

Just the other day, I attended my Tita Lou's birthday party in Suisun City, which is about a 45-1 hour drive from SF. She turned 72 and looks more and more like my late great-grandmother every year. We did the usual grub sesh, chiss miss'd (gossip in Tagalog), and played with the kids, which are pretty much next generation of pimps, playas, and g's after mine haha. But my favorite part of the day was getting to spend QT with my two cousins Sean and Charles, aka my 2 favorite men in the world.

When I was younger I never understood why my relatives made such a big deal when they'd see me at family parties and notice how fast I was growing up. "U just saw me 3 months ago, I don't get it people," is what I would think in my head. But now I totally understand what the hype is all about. I used to change their diapers, teach them how to read, and punk em around. Now both are over 6 ft. tall, one's turning 18 next month, and the other is having a child of his own. Gah, bring my 2 little babies back :(

Me and Charles had thee best drunken karaoke duet everrr, and then afterwards Sean drove me back to the city and paid for toll like the grown ass that he is. I love these two like they were my own brothers, and I'm so happy that underneath it all they're ultimately good, respectful kids. I give a fuck if theyr'e both legal and an entire foot and then some taller than me, they will always, always be my baby cousins.

I now turn down gigs and club events to attend more family functions, and sit by the pool with my mom. And while we all love our family, we can all work on letting them know a little bit more. So the next time u see one of ur little cousins, make sure to pinch his cheeks an extra time, and hug ur niece a few seconds longer. Tell ur parents u love them, your aunt how young she still looks, and your uncle how amazing his cooking is. 'Cuz before u know it, u'll be the one having to provide Christmas dinners, and all ur "little" cousins won't be so little anymore.

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