Thursday, July 23, 2009

So u Think ur a G?

Because this and this have inspired me to spit once again but I'm pretty sure I suck now. So here's a throwback from my sophomore year of college, with a few added lines at the end. P.S. I rhyme way too much lol.

So u think ur a G?
A gangster, a wangster.
Point a gun to another n*ggas head and make him call u master?
Steal and deal, lick, and seal, only excuse is 'cuz it pays for all ur meals?
And now u think ur Frank White,
'cuz Frank White
just might
up ur street cred to "untouchable" from just plain Frank ... riiight?

OK thug life.

So u think u a pimp?
Mackin and stackin.
Make a trick pay for ur shit, then afterwards let u hit it?
Play with hearts using darts, aim smart and forget the part
about love, and integrity, compassion, and fidelity.
Instead they suck for a buck, then buck when u fuck, but what happens at the end when ur all outta luck ... and stuck ...
With Tina and Tonya, and Sonya, and Dee but don't give 2 shits about them 'cuz u think u got that HIV

Whatever pimpin.

So u think ur a revolutionary?
Wave ur fist in the air like u just don't care.
Earth tones, brown rice, head wraps, open mics.
Salute to the motherland but u ain't never been there?
I swear
u be killin me.
Petitions and picketing.
Down for the cause, but only be-cause it's the thing to be.

Get the fuck outta here.

And so now u think ur a father?
Because he has ur eyes
and same curly hair
but blank stares and solemn smiles let him know u don't care
Never there,
for birthdays, and baseball games,
pta meetings, and such
Mommy and daddy didn't work out, so it entitled u to not give a fuck?
Say. fucking. what?


'Cuz u see,
my heroes speak silently, and never ask for rewards
Boys make babies and torn families, but real men heal the scars,
U tie ur baby-girls hair when u don't even know how,
so know now
the revolution starts now.
and u don't need to wrap a flag around ur head to prove that ur down.
'cuz u see,
my warriors spear roots with their native tongue,
always moving forward, never forgetting where they came from
standing NEXT to their women, and never front or back
'cuz the pimps in my book know where the fuck to stand at
Forget the back hand
Real macks speak the truth and don't hide behind lies,
or behind their excuses
or faulty alibis
and the bitches STILL stay.
And ride or die for their gangstar of love,
'cuz my gangstars are doctors and teachers,
lawyers and souljahs and all of the above
Steal knowledge , beat wisdom, smuggle hope
Fuck "the man"
and just be a man
'Cuz the biggest gangster of them all says

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La Q said...

that was awesome.