Sunday, July 26, 2009

Because Weekends Were Made For Fun.

A good weekend to me consist of hot weather, lots of laughs, and good food. In which that case, this weekend was perfect.

Friday night started off with dinner with Kyle, my mom, and her bf at Alimango in San Mateo. Pancit canton, garlic fried rice, bistek, sisig, and typhoon crab FTW. My fave part of the meal oddly enough though was the garlic fried rice. Afterwards we threw back Yager bombs at Mandala for a bit before going to Rach's house but cut the night short 'cuz we had to wake up early the next day.

Saturday was spent on the most magical place on Earf - The Gilroy Garlic Festival! Traffic was the worst I've ever experienced in the Bay but after about 2 bites into the festival it was already worth it. Started off with a Stella, then garlic roasted corn on the cobb with Parmesan, mayo, and chilli powder.

Then, crab and garlic stuffed artichokes with Thousand Island.

Then, some of Rach's deep fried artichoke hearts with crab and shrimp.

Then, some of Mike's rib plate.

Then, garlic stuffed mushrooms and free garlic ice cream to top it all off (Yes I really said garlic ice cream).

Sunday I spent with the fam in Suisun City where it was schorchin. I adore hot weather (high 70s and up please!) but I like it better when I'm by a pool and in a bikini. Nevertheless, I had a blast seeing my little cousins who are all bigger than me and eating my Uncle-Vic's "voonoose" which is a throwback ass Batanes recipe of banana blossom and taro root. Know about it.

And now I'm at my desktop blogging about my weekend, while my laptop is playing Nas's "The World is Yours." Bout to call it a night. Hope yall had a good weekend too!

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