Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why I'm Poor

Um. Ok, sooo. I might kinda die if I don't have the following in my life.

As seen on P&P and Melody Ehnsani and Hellz.


Gennny_fromtheblock said...

mannn... u seen the gold ring they came out with too..dope!

i'm feelin the necklace but kinda iffy 'bout the necklace cuz i feel like theyre kinda biting off melody ehsani but would def. rock theyre signature broken bottle one

Mouf.Peace said...
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Mouf.Peace said...

yah i seen it - ridiculous! and actually the hellz piece is a pair of earrings but i do see the similarity in the styles. i'd still rock 'em both! hah. i also had to add some of melody's pieces to the post while i was at it.

Anonymous said...

is that a crooks cardigan? -DIGGA