Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WTForks invades Vancouver.

I remember watching the Food Network one day when they were doing a special on the Chocolate Buffet at the Sutton Hotel in Vancouver. The shit looked fuckin SPLENDID but I specifically remember telling myself that I'll probably never get to hit the spot up 'cuz I have no biniss being in Canada to begin with.

But then again I never imagined that I'd be a 27 year old movie set stalking teeny-bopper obsessed with young adults books.

In case you haven't heard, I'm a writer for WTForks?!, a blog dediated to all things Twilight. This past weekend a gang of us went to Vancouver in an attempt to "run into" some of the cast members. The following entry highlights some of my favorite moments of the trip, so enjoy!

Miche, Betsey, Rach, Lawn, Q, me, and Jess.

Like I've been trying to explain to the bf and every other penis toting hater who thinks we're "psycho" for embarking on our Road to New Moon - the trip was so much more than set stalking and hotel room invasions. It was about 9 women taking a break from their busy lives and sometimes hectic schedules, to share love, laughs, drunken nights, and an experience that would've never happened if it wasn't for our obsession for Twilight.

In no particular order...

1) Meeting Michael Welch - So half of the girls are in the room attempting to get ready for dinner. Me? I'm struggling to NOT fall asleep on the couch while watching Clueless, when The Mayor bursts out of the bedroom frantically trying to find shoes while screaming "JESS SAID GO DOWNSTAIRS NOW!" Mama didn't raise no fool so I jump off the couch and land into my Chucks and fly out the door like I was a Cullen myself, yelling to Mel, "I don't know why but we're going downstairs!" As we're anxiously going down the elevator I take a look around and think to myself, "Damn couldn't whoever we're about to meet have waited till we were done getting ready to make their appearance?" Some were still in their jammies, some hair still dripping from the shower, and others either had no makeup on or just one eye done. Luckily, we're pretty cute regardless (lol) so we run out the lobby and see a bunch of girls surrounding a tall blonde guy - jackpot.

Ladies, meet Micael Welch aka Mike Newton. He is seriously the nicest dude ever!

On the way down to the lobby before meeting Mike. That's me looking like a doofus crossing my fingers for a good run in.

4) Bella's house - Even though no cast members were there I was in complete awe of this place. Nothing special to the ordinary eye, but I almost had a party in my pants thinking of all the times the books mentioned Edward visiting Bella at night and then actually seeing a tree right next to the 2nd floor window of the house.

If u look closely u can see a tarp on the left, remnants of filming from the night before!

We were a lil' sketch on Bella's house being "Bella's house" UNTIL we saw her truck, Chief Swan's cruiser, and what I believe is Dr. Cullen's Benzo!

3) Meeting John Corbett aka Aiden Shaw - Man if the Sutton Place hotel elavators could only talk! Me, Ms. Lawn, Jess Cullen, and The Mayor are on our way downstairs when some tall dude with a hat and sunglasses on walks in. But never mind him - he has 2 huge but adorable German Sheapards with him! Their owner explains how they need to take a "whiz" and how their "hotel livin," but I'm too busy wondering if they're big enough to play wolves in New Moon. We then reach the lobby and just as I'm thinking to myself, "I feel like I know that guy," The Mayor whispers "That's Aiden!" And then I remember his voice and how I had JUST watched the SATC episode where Carrie wants to get back with him the night before and let out a big fat "D'oh!" because we didn't realize all of this until it was too late. WOMP WOMP. So since I have no pics of him, here's randoms of the girls at Glowbal and Gotham just because lol.

Me and 1-2-3 Betsey reppin WTForks @ Gotham Steakhouse.

2) Paramount Theater filming - Unfortunately, no Edward/Bella/Jacob in sight but we did get a glimpse of Anna Kendrick (Jessica) and who I think was a Bella stunt double. Apparently, the major actors had already left and they were only filming stunts the rest of the night. Nevertheless, I was once again in awe seeing all the production and equipment and got giddy at the thought that when this scene in the movie appears I can say, "Hey I was RIGHT THERE!"

1) Our last night in Fancouver - We had the perfect ingredients for a fun filled night of drunken debauchery: Hot chicks. Cute fits. Chilled bottle of Patron and Mango Vodka. A Pacquaio victory. And VIP parking right in front of Richards on Richards where the Sam Bradley concert was being held. We left the concert early to get our "oots oots" on 'cuz apparently they haven't heard of hip-hop or dancehall up North but still danced the night away, and we didn't even need ecstacy or glow sticks! Just goes to show you that as long as you got good vibes and good folks around you, you can have fun ANYWHERE! It was a good way to end the trip :)

(Missing Mel 'cuz she was still workin it at the Sam Bradley concert, ur my hero!

And to top it all off? No hangover the next day, HOLLERRR!

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Cute Ass Ladies.! I love the fits, &&the fact that you guys' took the time out of your busy lives to go Twilight hunting. :)