Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Because it's really all you need ...

Neutrogena Body Oil $11 - My gay at work highly recommended this product to me, saying (and I quote) "It'll have u slippin and slidin out ur panties." I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to be slippin and slidin outta anything but I tried it anyway and absolutely lurrrve it. I use baby-oil right out the shower instead of lotion 'cuz it tends to lock in the moisture for a longer amount of time but I didn't like the greasy feeling it left behind. This on the other hand leaves u silky smoov without any residue and leaves a subtle "I want to wake up next to u smelling like this every morning" scent behind.

C. O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine $8 - No matter where I'm going, I bring this lip gloss with me. Gimme this, some blush, and an eyelash curler and I'm good to go. It leaves a nice tingle on ur lips, and smells and tastes great ... not that I eat it or anything. It's also a subtle way for me to not look too much like shit when I'm at the gym.
Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream $20 - I don't know wtf all that mumbo jumbo means but all I know is this product keeps me from looking like I've been munchin on powdered doughnuts AND it doesn't make my sensitive skin break out. My bf actually picked this up for me on a whim after I came back from Hawaii with extremely dry skin due to the sudden weather change and it's worked wonders ever since.

Clean Perfume in Baby Girl $45 or Warm Cotton $70 - I'm not a fan of floral or fruity smells. And while Estee Lauder's Pleasure and D&G's Blue smells really good, I think it's more appropriate for a woman like my mom. Older, and more sophisticated. While I'm grown, I'm much more playful and simplistic. That's why I love these 2 perfumes. Baby Girl smells similar to baby powder, and Warm Cotton smells like laundry. While u may not necessarily want to smell like these things, I never fail to get a "Damn girl u smell good," when I hop in the car wearing either one of them.

Next up - makeup. I may not know how to apply it lol but theyr'e still must-haves!

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