Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dancing on Thin Ice.

Ahhh the tango, the dance of lurrrve. And if u've been watching Dancing With the Stars and saw Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke's performance last night, you'll understand why.

Dancing as an art form, especially Latin dance, involves a lot of heat and passion. It is imperative that the partners have chemistry, otherwise they won't be able to convey and provoke the intended emotions. There is no doubt that Gilles and Cheryl have this dancefloor chemistry, but what got my attention even more so was their chemistry OFF the set. I know I sound like a total hypocrite considering one of my last blogs focused on how platonic friendships can exist between the opposite sex however, mama didn't raise no fool.

What I noticed last night about the show asides from a lot of glitter, fake tans, and sequins - was the way Gilles and Cheryl interracted with each other in between sets. To convince myself I wasn't being insecure, I cut them a little slack for all the touching, hugging, and kissing on the cheek and forehead. Afterall, this man just spent 11 grueling, emotional, and life-altering weeks with this woman. How can they not feel a sense of closeness?

But I couldn't help but give the side eye to the googly eyes, and sweet sentiments that accompanied it. It wasn't so much the physical contact that had me wondering, but more so the intimacy they seemed to have shared despite the fact that they were in front of a packed house and being filmed on national television for everyone to see. And it's this type of "connection" that I believe should only be shared between Gilles and his wife.

It wasn't so much that Gilles gave Cheryl a heartfelt embrace, but more so that he told her he loved her right after. And it wasn't so much that Cheryl told Gilles she was so happy to have him in her life, it was her damn near crying as she said it. Even then, it's somewhat acceptable but I swear u had to have seen it urself.

Now. I hug and cling on to my friends all the time - both male and female. But I'd like to think that I know what's appropriate and what isn't. I've already considered the fact that Gilles is french, and that they are rumored to be a lot more affectionate than most. He has a beautiful wife and an adorable kid, both of whom he talks about religiously in every interview. So while I'm sure it's absolutely nothing, their "connection" still has me tilting my head and wondering just how "close" they got during rehearsals.

As much as I don't want to admit this because I pride myself on being exceptionally lenient, and accepting of my man and his relationships with his homegirls - this specific instance would bother me. Even just a little.

Which makes me wonder, where is the line between girl and girlfriend (or boy and boyfriend)? What is ok, and what isn't? (I mean, asides from the obvious. Don't be an asshole, u know u'd get a good ass kickin and swift brick through the window if you fucked ur "best friend" and said, "We're just close like that.") If a reasonable person like me who believes in "harmless flirting," finds Gilles and Cheryl's scenario a lil' suspect, how do other people feel?

I guess the only 2 people who'll know what really went down is the two dancers themselves. And the only person who should really care is his wife anyway. But the situation plays out in our day to day lives and is one I'm sure a lot are familiar with. All I know is, if u weren't child hood friends with my man, didn't know him before I did, aren't moving to a far away country, or aren't dying of a rare disease - don't be gettin all teary eyed gazing into his eyes, or I'll give ur ass somethin to cry about.

P.S. Cheryl and Gilles totally owned that bedazzled disco ball of a trophy. They sooo should've won! LOL.

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DJ CMC said...

sooo is it flirting if she grabs my penis?

i'd let cheryl do that to me...come on now its cheryl burke!