Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3-Some of the Day

The sinner and the saint.

I've been lagging on the grand opening of my new and improved blog 'cuz I've been struggling with an introductory entry, or mission statement if u must. Meanwhile, all these thoughts and ideas are passing me by like Phat Lip. It's just that I hate not being cohesive and not having some sort of organized chaos. But then Rach yelled at me this morning in her mama voice, and I saw these gorgeous pics of one of my favorite vixens - Kim K. and couldn't resist blogging.

I'm not yet sure of the exact elements I want in this blog, because I'm still trying to find a medium between personal, pop-culture, gossip, and fashion, but I DO know I will be showcasing some of my favorite hot bitches and fly dudes aka my "Reasons to turn lesbian," and, "Reasons I stay straight." And like I said, we'll be starting off with my girl Kim KardASShian.

I've always thought Kim K. had a gorgeous face, bangin body (Au naturale in my book until proven otherwise), sweet personality, and forever on point eye makeup. The trick is FLY. Point. Period. Blank. The only thing is, she's so smoking that if I was a dude I don't think I could ever wife her up. I couldn't imagine having a stimulating convo with her, and to me that's what keeps a relationship going. She'd definitely be just an arm piece or booty-call in my book, but judging by her sex tape with Ray-J even that wouldn't last too long. That shit was so boring I actually stopped watching to go back on MySpace. Tsk tsk. What a waste of sex with 2 good looking people. On the other hand, I DO love to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians lol.

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Reggie Bush but I am NOT discriminatin on those abs. Besides, him and Kim K. seem to come as a package deal nowadays.

But the ultimate reason Reggie made the blog is because of this adorable photospread he had with Kim in this months GQ magazine. I LOVE seeing two good looking people together. It's just aesthetically pleasing, and that way, you can't hate on either one of them!

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DJ CMC said...

she is definately hot. i watch keepin up with the Kardashians too. her sisters make her look like a saint! i agree, engaging in interesting convo with her would be lost. but who knows maybe she does have her 2 cents. but as of now i agree, arm piece, trophy wifey. but still Reggie Bush is one lucky bastard!
btw she looks good even without makeup on!