Friday, March 20, 2009

Gaga for Gaga

I PROMISE I'll actually write a blog filled with some sort of substance eventually - but until then bring on the random nonsense!

Now in regards to Lady Gaga, I've been knowin about her for a minute now, I just never really cared. I always heard bits and pieces of "Just Dance," but never listened to the song in its entirity nor did I know who it was by. When I attended the NKOTB concert in L.A. last year with my girl Bamz, Gaga was the opener but I totally thought applying more eyeshadow was more important so I missed her and caught the end of Natasha Bedingfield instead.

Tsk tsk. Lady Gaga >>>> Natasha Bedingfield any day of the week.

Anyway, this girl is BAD. Her unique style AND sound is HOT. Granted, she looks a ittle scary looking sometimes, and dresses like she she took the wrong turn halfway to Pluto and ended up on Planet Earth - but she's so 3008. She has guts and a "I don't give a fuck," attitude but not in that obnoxious Pink kinda way.

I totally want to be her for Halloween.

Here's some of my favorite Lady Gaga looks!

She totally reminds me of a robocop-playboy bunny-darth vadar-briget bardot-barbie.

And for u skeptics look! She's human afterall!

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