Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foodgasm of the Day - TOYOSE.

OK. Seriously. I practically cannot contain myself as I write this post because I want to go awol at work right now just so I can eat here. Buuut ... I'm kinda trying to eat healthier. Oh yah ... and I kinda need a job. My girl Ness took me to this spot in the Sunset about a year and then some ago and I swear it's been a weekly MUST, and food tourist attraction ever since. Anytime someone from out of town comes in - Toyose. Anytime we wanna celebrate something, anything - Toyose. Anytime we wanna treat ourselves - Toyose. Pretty much anytime the sun rises in the East and sets in the West - TOYOSE.

You could call this spot a hole in the wall, except for the fact that it's actually a restaurant in the garage. Whenever I tell people that, they think I'm playin. And then when they realize I'm for real, they expect a car to be next to the dinner table and grandma to be doing laundry by the chef. Don't worry, neither is true. It looks more like one of those Asian spots gangster ass Korean extortionist go to after hours, considering their open 6pm - 2am.

A meal can get expensive if you eat the way me and my friends do, but it's definitely worth it. A variety of flavored Soju (Think Korean sake) is also available with Strawberry being my favorite. As far as courses, so far I've tried:

Fried Chicken

Bulgogi Kimchi Tofu

And most recently, the pot stickers. But the "usual" for me would be a plate (To myself I don't share bitch!) of Kimchi Beef Fried Rice and the House Mussels. If you like rice, and you like spicy, and aren't freaked out by eating something that still lives inside it's house - this is THE ONE.

And if that buffet of greasy goodness wasn't enough to get you to go, did I mention each table has their own doorbell you can ring to call over the waitress?


TganoD said...

strawburr soju? shoju? shoyu? hahah i ono how to fuckin spell it and im too lazy to click the back button and see how u spelled it.

but strawburr. hell good. i think toyose uses fresh strawburrs in it!

Anonymous said...

ugh i'm feeing for it now. i should have organized a "last supper" before i get my wisdom teef pulled out. gahhhh!!! so its gonna be a while till i put those yummy pieces of goodness in my mouth. lol

DJ CMC said...

i feel blessed that u have taken me to the garage...