Friday, April 8, 2011

Stupid Is, Stupid Does

It never ceases to amaze me that some of the smartest people I know make the most STUPID decisions. And whether man, woman, Filipino, or Black, Pulitzer Prize winner or magna cum laude - these decisions usually almost always involve matters of love.

We can build bridges, fly to the moon, and find cures for various diseases but walking away from a relationship we know is all wrong sometimes befuddles us more than AP calculus. She can manage budgets, schedules, and 37 employees - yet CAN'T manage to NOT answer the phone when HE calls. And he can manage to eat a dozen atomic chicken wings in under two minutes, drink 15 shots of Patron to the face like it's water, and bench 250lbs - yet CAN'T manage to NOT call HER on a beautiful afternoon.

So what fucking gives? We do. We give a damn, and we give our all. And when it comes to love, we give a shit about logic. Sometimes we give and give and give until we think we can't give anymore. And then he shows up at our door, or she takes care of us when we're sick, and we end up giving just a little. bit. more.

I know. It's fucking stupid. But I get it. That's why regardless of how I may roll my eyes at your stories, or call you an idiot, or wanna shake the shit outta you - I still love you afterwards. 'Cuz we've all been there, and that's the main reason it's so frustrating. Because I can empathize. No matter how many times we fall and then say we won't take it there again - we will. Maybe we'll try a different perspective or take a different approach, but if you're like me and your heart is as strong as your head is stubborn - we will do it all again.

We can make a dollar outta 15 cents but when it comes to love and common sense? Some things never change.


Anonymous said...

ughhh....but I want it to change!! =(

This is so frustrating and painful. My battle here is if I'm reacting as a friend or reacting as "that girl that he messed around with."

I know I just have to let go but it is easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

Story of my life....Ugh!

Unknown said...

This is how people feel about my cousin. She's so ditsy but in school, she's super smart. She talks shit about what her bf (which makes us dislike him for the things he does) has done to her yet she's still with him for that past 4-5 years.. we think she's stupid but she's probably inlove.

Anonymous said...

Damn I looove you!!! Haha you're so good.

Chase said...

Whoa perfect timing....I was just thinking of a past relationship and how fucking stupid and illogical I was, it's actually funny. I won't be that much of a dunce again, I know that much.

Anonymous said...

wow feels like a girls thought this like at least once in their lives. good stuff :)