Friday, April 8, 2011

My First Giveaway!

BTW, I do have new posts below this entry and will continue to post daily.

I wish you guys could all see just how bad I am at vlogging. I tried on three separate occasions and did at least five takes each time. That's like half an hour of me saying "um" every other word and staring at the ceiling. So because I respect your brain cells, I decided to save the video for another time ... like maybe next week when I announce the winner for my very first giveaway!

I don't think you guys quite understand just how much your comments, re-tweets, re-posts, emails, EXISTENCE, etc. mean to me. But to show just a hint of my appreciation, I'll be randomly picking one lucky reader to receive a goody-bag courtesy of the good folks at Adapt Clothing, Hellz Bellz, and Universal Music.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name, age, email address, and location. I will not be using your email address for any reason other than to verify the winner and make sure it is only one entry per person.

I will be accepting entries until 5:30pm PST this Friday, April 8th and will be announcing the winner Monday, April 11th. And just to let you know this is open to both male and female readers. Fellas, I got you. I won't have you wearing Hella Kitty booty shorts. I mean ... unless that's your thang thang. Anyway, thank you so much once again and good luck!
Click on image to enlarge.
-1 item from Adapt's Spring 2011 line
-Complete Dagger Bellz Club lapel set
-CDs from various Universal Music Artist

P.S. I will not be approving comments 'cuz I'm scared spammers or weirdos will get a hold of your info and I don't want to be liable for the viagara and butt plug emails you may get.

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