Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dress You Up in My Love Pt. 2

It's no secret, ladies love a man in uniform. Some show authority (cop), some show bravery (fire-fighter), and some show athleticism (basketball). But all show a man in his element. Comfortable, and confident - and that's always a good look. The following in no particular order, are my favorite "uniforms" (or uniform paraphernalia) on a man. Ladies, feel free to add your own. Fellas, yall got six months 'til Halloween, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

1. Dress blues on a Marine: My, what a big rifle you have there Mr. Marine Man. Not too sure why, but this is the only marine uniform I'm really attracted to and I want to say it's the high collar. I'm assuming he feels all stuffy in it and can't wait for me to rip it offa him. And then there's the gloves. Something about him having to keep 'em clean that makes me wanna do dirty, dirty things to them.

2. Gun holsters: Especially when they're under a suit or on a "plain clothes cop." I think I've been watching too many reruns of New York Undercover and Training Day. But it's always a nice little element of surprise to find something hard and powerful, under a mans clothes. Besides, the man that stays "strapped" stays ready. Best believe pun intended lol.

3. A stethoscope: 'Cuz you know, all doctors in real life are as hot as McSteamy on Greys Anatomy (although this isn't a good picture of him and he looks way better shirtless). But honestly, you don't even need to be a doctor. A murse works just fine long as you have a stethoscope and it's wrapped around your neck like that. Makes me almost wanna run around nekkid in the rain just so I can catch pneumonia and be taken cared of.

4. Construction worker: OK. I'm sorry for you construction worker fans out there but no visual here. The only pics I could find online were shirtless beefy-cakey dudes who were nowhere near my type or the village people. Granted, a construction workers typical attire consist of just a white tee, Tims/work boots, jeans, and a protective hat. But add muscles, a little sweat, and a man who ain't afraid to work hard and get dirty? It's really all you need.

5. SF Giants Uniform (the jersey essentially): As if you didn't already know.

P.S. Don't worry, I will be doing a ladies version of this for my 5 male readers lol. Got you boo-boo.


derrick said...

no nurse love? this sickens me broo

Mouf.Peace said...

Ladies, look at my homie derricks comment. this goes to show u that not only do men have selective hearing, but they have selective seeing too lol. love u D.

jessica said...

Lol. I read the entire thing and laughed at that comment, hehe 'cause you mentioned it within the doctor uniform description.