Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Vlogger

A couple of friends suggested that I try video-blogging, so after I received an email suggesting the same thing I decided to try it out ... and then I remembered why I've never done it to begin with. Quite frankly - I FEEL STUPID. I don't know where to look, what to do or say, and have the attention span of a 9 year old on Christmas morning so shit doesn't pan out the way I want it to. I just don't think I have much on-screen presence aka I'm boring and don't want to torture you guys. However, I do think there are certain instances where it would be more convenient (and hopefully slightly more entertaining) to video blog so I'll be testing it out with my "Dear Abi" responses. And if all else fails, I can always use stuffed animals.


TganoD said...

LMAO i laughed so hard i snorted. my fave is when u wiped ur teeth. u look hot by the way

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOODNESS! See, I told you!


Loved the music/soundtrack...

Love the eyes ;)

I for one think you should keep it up.

And your balloon - LMAO!!! Awww... you got mad at it and all it wanted to do was give you a kiss on the cheek! Adorable!)

(LOL - it SERIOUSLY looks as if that is what it did at approximately 52 seconds)

"Go to the strip cluuuuub!" ©Abi



Anonymous said...

hehe ur hella cute miss abi! n yeahh i love amberrose too but her outfit fosho wasnt on point @ vmas boo! u should do the video thang i see the charisma ;)

Kweenie Weenie said...

If you were ugly, I wouldn't have watched the whole thing. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

HAHAhah this was HELLA funny!! i think you could totally do it with practice. its like when you had to give presentations in english class and it was SOO AWKWARD but you get used to it! lol.

i see a lot of vlogging with deaf though, using sign language. they are so used to being on video and stuff thats its usually not all weird. lol