Monday, September 21, 2009

MAV Show Recap

Like I said in my previous post, I would follow up on Saturday's festivities with a more in-depth blog so here it is!

Lemme get a few things out there first, I am no self-proclaimed fashionista. I've never said I was the steeziest. And as much of a LookBook fan I am, taking pics of myself just to show off my outfit ain't really my thing. Nobody cares and I'm usually rockin jeans, kicks, and a hoody 5 days outta the week anyway lol. AKA I suck at it so I'll leave that to other people and just admire their creations lol. However, I will say this: I ADORE ALL THINGS FASHION. And that means so much more than just, "I love to go shopping." So when Evan asked me to style his shirts for the show just a few weeks ago, I was more than estatic to oblige.

A lot of people think that a t-shirt is just a t-shirt and I agree to a certain extent. There's only so much u can do with it, especially if u can't even altar it by cutting it up or bedazzlin that bitch BUT even just something as simple as tucking or untucking it in can make a big difference. Given the proper adjustments and accesories u can make a "simple" t-shirt look more appealing and that's what I tried to do given what I had to work with. There wasn't really a method to my madness, and per the designers instructions I opted to keep things "clean and simple." I wasn't trying to turn tees into high-fashion, all I wanted to do was show that you can wear a t-shirt with more than just blue jeans and sneakers.

Unfortunately, I only have 1 pic of the actual fashion show but here's a few of the Adapt team with some of the models (heyyy) and makeup artist. All in all it was a good night. All the models were a pleasure to work with! I expected a bigger turnout but the show ran smoothly, I was nice and tipsy, the models looked great, and Goapele was amazing. Me? I'm just glad I was there. Even if people don't think I did a good job, that wasn't the point of this post. The point is I HAD FUN and felt at home. As exciting as it is to be in front of the camera, behind the scenes is where I belong.


Se7en said...

Abi... had I known your direct involvement... I would have come out to support.

Do not be so humble in the future!

Tell the world that Mouf.Peace is doing BIG THANGS!

(I have to send you something today btw)

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