Saturday, September 5, 2009

22 Hours in Vegas

Looked pretty much like this plus 3 shots of Malibu rum, 3 shots of Patron, 2 Coronas, 1 rum and Coke, 1 Vodka tonic, friends, laughs, dancing, dropping my cell in the XS pool, and a 12 hour hangover.

And I wouldn't change a single minute of it.

P.S. The dress is by Hellz, and is 110% times cuter than it already looks


Melissa said...

That last photo is awesome! Blowup and frame much? haha glad you had a good time.

Diana V. said...

you gals look like you had loads of fun & you guys look super cute. oh btw omg its miss lawn i love her hellz bellz rocks!

m said...

oooh what nailpolish are you wearing?? it is super cute!

Mouf.Peace said...

Melissa lol, yes that last pic i think definitely sums up the night.

diana, it WAS fun, and it's hard to not look cute when ur dripped in hellz :)

and m, thanks! it's called turned up turquiose (or SUMTHN like that) and it's by china glaze. it's weird 'cuz it's not branded a matte color but it looks matte to me but u can put top coat on it and it'll look "normal" or glossy.

lane said...

hot damn. setting the city on fire, clearly ;).