Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I loved Beverly Hills 90210, absolutely lurrrved it. I had the fattest crush on Dylan McKay and thought his shaved eyebrow was so "hot." LMAO. God I am for shame. Best believe I'm still coppin the entire show on DVD though when I got funds to spare. Anyway, I thought this fashion spread was so fun. Just another reminder of how nothing is original, and almost everything comes back into style. I wish someone had told me this before I threw my Docs away from the 6th grade.

Click this for the rest of the spread,I love "Brenda's" jacket!

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Anonymous said...


I am kind of torn over this.

I know that you are looking at it from a purely fashion perspective but me... I was the BIGGEST Beverly Hills 90210 fan from 13 to 23.

I watched every episode - never missed one for the show's entire run of 10 seasons.

I know there is absolutely nothing new under the sun, but I just kind of seethe when I see kids walking around in digs that were popular no more than... wait a minute... we are closing in on 20 years now?!?!

Seems like only yesterday I was watching Steve's Corvette roll down that driveway and crash into a parked car (thanks David).

I was hooked.

Sideburns and the Peach Pit FTW!

But seriously, Abi, please design some new clothing for these lost souls.

If I did not know any better... I would swear I had hopped into a DeLorean with Doc and Marty and traveled back to my high school days.

Boy jeans tighter than girls and Cross Colours oh my (I never rocked that ish - had too much style - lol)!

And they think they are styling.