Thursday, September 24, 2009

Suede Tims on my Feet Make the Cypha Complete aka I DIE pt. 2

One of the few things I do love about the fall/winter weather is being able to put my Tims back in rotation, I have 4 pairs, 1 of which I've worn only once in the entire 5 years I've had them. I am sooo for shame. Anyway, these baby Timberland boots (or Timmy's as I like to call 'em 'cuz I can always find a way to make even the most manliest things sound soft) are kinda killing me with their cuteness right now. Look how tiny they are! My kids are definitely gonna be more fitted than me.


Kweenie Weenie said...

Abi dont lie. You know ur gonna find a way to squeeze ur feet in those! Lol

Mouf.Peace said...

shiiiiit 1 on each toe! lol. ew that's so ugly to even say.