Sunday, September 27, 2009

Say What? - Weekend Recap

  • Breakfast and Bitches - It don't take much to keep me satisfied lol. Today I woke up with the saying, "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey," in my head and started craving eggs, bacon, toast, and OJ immediately after. So I managed to drag my ass outta bed and hollared at Lucky's one time. Granted this is a simple ass meal to make, but I cooked it just the way I like it - eggs nice and runny, toast lightly buttered, turkey bacon soggy but crispy on the outsides, and Tropicana with pulp. I then ate breakfast while watching the E channel. And yes, that's my coffee table filled with video vixens and gossip mags. Anyway, it's laid back mornings like these that make me appreciate being alone.
  • Friday night I attended Atmosphere's A3 1 year anniversary event with the roomy B, Kris, and Cus. I'll be straight up: I wanted the free food and alcohol. They had stilt walkers, lambos parked outside, a red carpet, Juicy Couture "models" in cages, a magician, and a balloon man. Wasn't really my kinda shindig, but I'm glad I came out and had fun ... even though I almost slipped on a piece of lettuce in front of the pizza shop.
  • Dear Abi, u do NOT need a pair of navy, leather ankle boots. I repeat U DO NOT. Love, Abi
  • In either '02 or '01 I bought the wrong lipstick color, MAC's "Underworld," but I kept in even though I was actually looking for a brighter magenta color. Glad I kept it though even if it is like a fafillion years old and I totally shouldn't be using it, but it's the perfect color for fall.
  • I looked at my messy ass room with newly bought clothes still in their shopping bags all over the floor and realized that I've been shopping waaay too much lately. I'm definitely not going to go shopping until I visit Santee Alley when I go to L.A. in Nov. Below, is a Silence & Noise jumper I got at the Urban Outfitters sale for $9.99. SCORE!!! Made me feel a lil' better after buying a new pair of shoes, a leather skirt, a Deena & Ozzy laptop case, 3 shirts ($9.99 each at Urban son!), a necklace, a headband, and 3 pairs of sunglasses. Ughhh, why can't I just be satisfied wearing sweats and beaters everyday, which are my favorite things in the world anyway.
  • Yesterday I had lunch at Barracuda with Aby, Duane, Geli, and Derrik. NTS: I do not like shiso. Afterwards, I got threaded and called it a day. OK, that was boring why did I even include that one here?
  • Operation World Domination has commenced:
  • And now I'm on here listening to Illadelph Halflife while writing a booshit post instead of completing the 3 posts of substance I have in my drafts folder. I should probably clean my room since I only have a few more hours to do so before I hit up Namu with Wileen and Nino for a late, late, late bday dinner. Hope everyone had a good weekend!
  • P.S. I'M SORRY


Unknown said...

um excuse me? who moved my cheese? and hello thats my glass with herps. LMAO!

Mouf.Peace said...

lmao. ITS NOT ABOUT REAL CHEESE. i KNEW u were gonna comment on that lol. and it's ok, i used protection when i drank from it GOL!

Unknown said...

OH! i found a little pin that says "I Love You More Than Bacon" hahah!

and i wanna make another one that says "But not as much as cheese" LOL!