Sunday, August 23, 2009

Virgos Stand Up!

The 23rd of August marks the first day of the Virgo reign and lasts 'till September 22nd. A big hooty-hoo goes out to my fellow Virgos out there! Happy birthday Tee, Dione, Darrell, Bern, Hazel, and Lou. And to my lovely readers Arielle, Connie, and Nicole (although I'm not sure if ur a Virgo or a Libra but wuteva lol). Some famous Virgos out there are Keanu Reeves, Beyonce, Dave Chapel, Tim Burton, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nicole Ritchie, and Cameron Diaz.

This brings me to Inked 2 of 14, I got this tat when I turned 25. The tat itself is pretty simple, but it's the meaning that's important to me. It's dice with the numbers 9 on one and 2 on the other, it's ok people never get it right the first time. (p.s. the pic is backwards). Turning 25 is pretty traumatic to most, and I was no exception. The tat represents the fact that every day is a gamble. Moreover, that at the age of 25 it was time I started taking chances in my life and stop being scared. Needless to say, I'm still working on it.

I have a lot of upcoming projects and I cannot wait till everything comes into fruition and I can finally share it with yall. Stay tuned :)


Anonymous said...

YAY I'm a Virgo too!
:) Next Sunday is my birthdaaaaay!
:O Is that "Connie" up there referring to me..? :O
I don't wanna feel dumb >_<
& I love that your tats have definition
Whereas most people would get it because it looks "hot"
Or is the new ish...
Good job :) <3 Still stalking your blog! Lol

Mouf.Peace said...

lol yes connie i'm referring to u, i believe u left a comment on my "come chill with a virgo" blog :) and all of my tats have meaning to them BUT i do believe that everyone is entitled to one meaningless tattoo haha.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I'm so happy!
Lol I'm being acknowledged by my uh..
This is dopeeee... Lol
Sorry. I'm acting a little stupid.
Haha, no doubt that meaningless tattoo will appear the morning after a reckless drinking night...
Haha :) Btw I'm LOVIN' you Dear Abi section.
It's absolutely AMAZING.

Rene (connies bf) said...

im guessing a tattoo on my bootie would be one of those one free meaningless tattoos but is cool? =]