Friday, August 28, 2009

TGIF - Things I Will NEVER Understand Edition

  • Colored contacts on Asian and Filipina women (esp. purple, blue, green, and grey. and only because yall look so much more beautiful WITHOUT that shit)
  • LARPers

  • Moreover:
  • Skinny bitches who insist on calling themselves fat and fat bitches that insist on calling themselves thick. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Own that shit or do sumthn about it!
  • 30+ year old dudes that go to the club and front like they 25 knowing damn well they got a receding hairline under that Kangol
  • The phenomenon known as Ed Hardy
  • Why Clay Aiken felt the need to come outta the closet. Honey-child, we knew before u did but good lookin out
  • Hair in ur ass crack, WHY GOD WHY? I mean, it serves absolutely NO purpose!
  • If this is true, freaks of the world now u can grab a pack of stoges AND ur used school girl panties all at the same time woot woot!
  • 2 Girls, 1 Cup
  • The pen tool in Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Lipstick lesbians who only date butch ass dykes or gay men who only date trannies - umm hellooo??!!
  • People who order a non-fat, sugar free, soy latte with whipped cream on top
    Please feel free to share your own list!!


DJ CMC said...

ive compiled my own list of goodies!
rememeber i come from a really nerdy background:

-SELF-help...if u could do it urself, you wouldnt need help..
-comb-overs.....just admit, ur going bald...combin over will not regrow the hair!
-i will never understand the douchbag look in all its glory...
(but thats a whole different blog
-skinny painted on jeans
-fixie bikes?

Anonymous said...

I entirely agree with you Abi & DJCMC
Here's some more to contemplate about...

- Fat bitches who insist on wear shit that's too small/tight on them. Trust, if your skinny bitch of a friend can pull off that look, that doesn't mean you can.
- This goes along with the above: Muffin tops.
- The infamous "Myspace Angles"
- Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, and anyone along those lines
- Leggings that LOOK like jeans. Seriously? What is the point of that? It just looks tacky, you ain't foolin' no one.
- Boys who wear skinnier jeans than girls... AND THEN act tough.
- The "need" to keep up 2001's XXXL Ts & baggy jeans style. Boy, you're a Medium, get used to it.
- Corny & cliche "pick-up lines." Do you really think screaming out "'ey sexy" and whistling is gonna get me to cough up my number?

I've said too much... Haha I can definitely make this a post... maybe next time.

Ria said...

Hahaha. True facts.

Anonymous said...

um ok. i have seen that vending machine in japan. they DO exist!